Ghost in The Shell (1995) – Film Recommendation

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Ghost in the Shell (GITS) was a manga series originally created by Masamune Shirow in 1989 that eventually spawned a series of films, OVAs, anime, and even live-action. The franchise's first anime film, 1995 Ghost in The Shell, is the most successful among the public and specialized critics and is definitely an undisputed masterpiece of Japanese animation.

Before influencing Blade Runner, The Matrix, and even other unexpected aspects of pop culture, the big ideas behind Ghost in the Shell were completely new and virtually no one had any idea of the impact they would have on the cultural landscape.

Even the premise behind Altered Carbon, which was released recently on Netflix and counts on the transmission of the mind by different bodies was completely influenced by GITS, which is another sample of how much the film continues to be a source of inspiration and how current it still is.

Ghost in the shell (1995) - film recommendation

Sinopsis Ghost in the Shell

The film is set in 2029, which in the 1980s seemed like a distant future, but today is just a decade away. This is an era when a few multinational corporations practically took over the world and the borders between countries are no longer as well defined as they are today. It is in this world with an ill-defined physical space in which humans coexist with robots and some people are so cybernetically modified that the line between man and machine is so thin that it often seems to disappear.

One of these enhanced humans is the Major Motoko, who has so many body modifications that only his "soul" is still "original". In the film, she and the other members of Section 9 try to investigate how the black hat hacker known as Puppet master, which is much more than it seems at first glance, uses cyberspace to hack the minds of humans to achieve its ends.

Ghost in the shell (1995) - film recommendation
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Ghost in the Shell Highlights

The film raises several questions about the real nature of artificial intelligence and the likely future that awaits us if it really is developed to superhuman levels.

Several aspects are addressed philosophical about how memories make us who we are and what really makes us human. Without major spoilers, the film's short arc related to the truck driver is one of the saddest and densest moments a film has ever been able to show and it's practically impossible that its story won't stay forever in the minds of anyone who watches it. movie.

The entire plot takes place in Japan of the future, with some of the most beautiful camera strokes and movements ever created, and the director addresses the issue of identity in space in a way rarely seen, with moments of sublime beauty and a living and real city that gives the certainty of a continued existence even long after the protagonists cease to appear on the screen.

Ghost in the shell (1995) - film recommendation

The film's atmosphere and pacing are also completely off the charts, with a masterful soundtrack and long moments of calm and philosophical reflections against an incredible backdrop, which are suddenly interrupted by high-quality action scenes that owe nothing to more modern films.

Ghost in the Shell is one of those rare masterpieces, which can be at the same time a head movie that makes the viewer think while being very fun and action packed. Anyone who likes Japanese culture and is at least a little interested in science fiction will enjoy the film and be able to say that they saw one of the great classics of the genre!

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