Where to download anime music and find its Japanese lyrics

In today's article we will know the best sites to download your anime songs and see the lyrics of the songs in Japanese with kana. People asked me what are the best sites to download, and others asked me how to find the lyrics in hiragana or kanji, this helps a lot in learning.

Remembering that I don't want to encourage anyone to piracy, but unfortunately for most people who live in Brazil, it is impossible to buy a Single that is sold in Japan.

Brazil also does not encourage anti-piracy. In Japan this is different, if you search for several songs in Japanese, you will end up stopping at a sales website.

Where to download anime music and find its lyrics in Japanese - nihongo curso

Downloading Anime Songs

Let's skip the tutorial part, which I think everyone here knows how to download a song or unzip a file on .rar. If you don't know, ask our uncle Google. The purpose of the article is to get straight to the point and indicate the best sites for you to download your anime music.

mp3.animaniaclub - In my opinion, the best site for anime music downloads in English. however it needs registration, and downloads the compressed songs.

Anime.thehylia - A site in English that has anime downloads in direct link, but that also has a large collection of anime songs to download without complications.

Hikarinoakariost - Here you can find not only singles but all OST anime, with download links on mega and others. He also has another website, access by clicking here. 

Where to download anime music and find its Japanese lyrics

Freeanimemusic - This site allows quick access to music from more than 1400 anime, without having to leave the page or come across boring ads. Unfortunately to download the music you will need a program like IDM, or an extension that downloads the media that appear in the browser.

Nyaa.se - A torrent tracker site, here you can find everything related to anime, including the download of Singles, OSTs, etc.

Koe.anime-sharing - Another website that shares music and anime singles.

Jpmediablog - A Japanese music download site and other media, here you can find things you wouldn't find on other sites.

Telegram Bots - There are Telegram bots that send the music file directly to your telegram, and you can download it on your cell phone or computer in high quality.

Where to download anime music and find your Japanese lyrics - banner draw

How to find Japanese letters?

Finding the lyrics of the song in Japanese is simple, just search for the name of the song written in Japanese along with kashi [歌詞], we will leave some known sites for you to find the lyrics of your song, but just a quick search on Google you can find several.

We’ve created a more comprehensive guide to help you find Japanese song lyrics.

I hope these tips have helped you.

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