First Brazilians with visa exemption arrive in Japan

Visa exemptions for Brazilian and Japanese tourists came into effect at the end of September this year. According to the new measure, the period for staying in the countries is up to 90 days, valid until September 29, 2026.

The maximum time extends to all Brazilians who have common passaporte with chip (passaporte with IC chip) issued since 2011 by the Brazilian government. Those who do not have a document with a chip must obtain a visa, as well as anyone going to the Asian country with the aim of working. According to the federal government, this change allows for an increase in the entry of Japanese tourists and bilateral trade.

Brazilians who travel to Japan should aim for sightseeing, visiting family, participating in lectures or related topics.

The 90-day period fits into the permanence cost category, that is, in addition to not being able to work, not exceeding the maximum established period. Anyone who fails to comply with these orders may result in deportation, imprisonment and fines.

Adventure until Christmas

The digital entrepreneur and responsible for the Suki Desu website, Kevin Henrique Plácido, and his wife, Bruna Ribeiro, decided to embark on an abertura in Japan that will last until Christmas. The couple left Brazil at the end of September, as soon as travel began to take place. no visa. Kevin says he doesn't usually plan trips so far in advance.

They arrived in Japan on September 30th and he confesses that he was afraid of being stopped because it was a different experience. "I was dying of anxiety a week before the trip, afraid I wouldn't be able to board. But everything was certo. When I went through immigration they didn't ask for anything, just the passportrte. It was really good!" Kevin has already been to Japan twice and the difference is that he always wanted to stay in Japan for about 3 months, the maximum was 30 days due to bureaucracy surrounding the visa. Among the main places the couple intends to visit are Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagano, Onden, Hiroshima and some Islands.

First Brazilians with visa exemption arrive in Japan

Impressions of the visa-free trip

For Kevin, there have been changes in Japan compared to the last times he visited the place. O increase in technology was one of them. "Now things are more modern. I think that due to the pandemic, a lot of things have evolved even more so that they don't need human contact. In some convenience stores you pay for everything at the machine and in some clothing stores you go through it yourself."

As for Bruna, the experience in Japan is enchanting every day. This is her first time in the country. In addition to being happy to be able to enter Japan with ease, she says she is really enjoying getting to know the place. "I'm loving the way the Japanese are polite, they show interest in us, the mix of cultures is very interesting. And also the places, one more beautiful than the other", he says.

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