7 innovations from Japan that changed the world

If you wonder why Japan is technically advanced, you need to read this article. He will tell you more about modern innovations made in Japan and spread across the world.

Japan has invented many innovative devices and gadgets that the whole world is using today. Would you like to know which tools originate from this country? In this article, we will point your attention to the top 7 innovations from different industries of human activity. You will be surprised to know where Japan pioneered for the rest of the world. Let's start with the list of top 7 Japanese innovations.

1. Smart home control panel

How did Japan become so technologically advanced? The answer to this question is clear: money flow in the scientific projects, hard work of the scientists that offer modern solutions to the whole world, and huge investments into the tech industry, if you're interested in these topics, read the JatApp blog for more info. A smart home control panel is another handy tool used by people daily.

Have you ever imagined that a wooden slab would tell you about the weather for tomorrow night? This is now possible with the smart home control panel. It is installed on a piece of wood connected to the Internet. What options does he have? You can connect it to other tech gadgets in your home, play music, receive messages and even learn about the weather. It's an amazing tool that can make your home life even easier.

2. Pocket calculator

Remember when was the last time you calculated something by hand? Fortunately, we don't need to make any effort to put or divide numbers. There is a handy calculation tool to help people deal with numbers. The tool's origins date back to Japan. What is Japanese technology? This is one of the most brilliant inventions the country is known for.

However, nowadays everything is found on our smartphones, pocket calculators started the development of the invention. In the beginning, these tools were heavy and it was not possible to carry them in your pocket, despite the name of the device. However, the time has come and now we can enjoy the smart technology that was first developed in Japan.

Even before the creation of the calculator, the Japanese already showed their skills in using and elaborating the famous and practical Soroban - A type of Japanese Abacus.

Soroban – the art of calculating with a Japanese abacus

3. Android Robots

Robots are now our reality, and it has become possible to use robots in real life with the help of Japanese inventors. These technological creatures can act and behave like humans, and their start will soon dominate the entire market.

The year 2003 introduced the first Japanese human-like robot capable of blinking, breathing and behaving like a real human. A few years later, in 2015, Japan boasted another invention. They opened a hotel almost fully equipped with human-like robots. Doesn't it already sound like a new reality?

Japan – science and technology application sectors

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

4. Electric Rice Cooker

Let’s talk a bit about the handy kitchen appliances invented to make our life easier. Nevertheless, you might think that a rice cooker isn’t the most important tool in the kitchen, yet it’s a very convenient helper in the cooking process. It consists of a bowl, a heating source, and a thermostat. The construction is quite simple, but it meets its main goal – it can cook rice perfectly. 

Why do you need one rice cooker for your kitchen? First, your rice will always be hot. We all know the struggle when rice gets sticky or dry. However, this can be easily resolved with a high quality rice cooker that keeps the heat and humidity inside the tool. You shouldn't worry about the rice burning because the rice cooker avoids any extreme heat. In addition, it is easily cleaned.

Suihanki - rice cooker and its countless possibilities

5. Karaoke

It all happened in 1971 when Daisuke Inoue contributed to the art industry and changed the global understanding of music forever. The inventor was said to be at the top of the list headed by the most influential Asians in the world. It all started with the backing music that the music band with Daisuke Inoue provided in the clubs.

During the concerts, clients wanted to accompany the musicians and have fun on the stage together. It gave rise to the karaoke phenomenon made out of a car stereo and an amplifier. The invention got popular and it’s still commonly used in different clubs or bars to amuse the audience. In Japan, you can even try karaoke when traveling by one of the trains around the country.

If you want more information, we have written an article that talks about the japanese karaoke and its origin.

6. Emoji

Let's start this list of Japanese inventions with the one known to all Internet users these days. What is Japan famous for technology? There are many inventions developed or created by the best scientists in the country. However, we'll start with a simple emoji that you can use daily in your texts to others online.

Emoji is a picture character. The first mobile phone with emoji options appeared on the market in 1997. Users could try up to 90 different emojis with the famous poop symbol. Currently, users can benefit from thousands of emojis used daily for different purposes.

Facebook emoji

7. Blue LED

What innovation is Japan known for? Blue LEDs are another invention the country is known for. We must go back to 2014 to mark the beginning of the new Blue LED era. Shuji Nakamura was an American born in Japan. Being a scientist, he teamed up with two other partners to work on his discovery in the world of physics. 2014 was the year Nobel Prize-winning scientists in Physics invented LEDs.

What are LEDs? These are light-emitting diodes. With the help of newly invented diodes, scientists managed to solve some problems that made the whole world of physics easier. LEDs can optimize processes by producing less heat and providing more light. Also, it is a more economical decision compared to red and green lights.

You need to visit the mori building digital art museum

Final Words

How did Japan become such a technically advanced country? Different aspects contributed to the development of the industry. Government interest, contributions and the hard work of scientists have made Japan one of the most promising countries on the market. Now it can offer new technological gadgets, create robots and find solutions to old problems with ease because of its technological potential.

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