Hanshin Expressway - The expressway that runs through a building


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Do you know the Japanese expressway called the Hanshin Expressway? Did you know that this road crosses even a fifth and seventh floor building? In this article we will get to know the famous route that crosses the Gate Tower Building in Osaka.

The Via Hanshin Expressway (阪神高速道路) in Japanese is called Hanshin Kousoku-douro and runs through the cities of Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto for a total of 239 kilometers. The road was opened in 1962, connecting several important Kansai routes.

Before we talk about the famous case of the highway that passes inside a building, let's get to know a little about the highway and the routes with which it connects.

Hanshin expressway – a via expressa que atravessa um prédio

Hanshin Expressway Highway Routes

The Hanshin Expressway highway connects with the following routes:

  • 1 - Loop Route (Central Osaka)
  • 2 - Yodogawa Sagan Route (Hokko-kita - Universal Studios Japan)
  • 3 - Kobe Route (Nishi-nagahori - Amagasaki - Nishinomiya - Kobe)
  • 4 - Wangan Route (Osakako - Rinku Town, Kansai Airport)
  • 5 - Wangan Route (Osakako - Rokko Island)
  • 7 - Kita Kobe Route (Igawa - Shirakawa - Arima - Nishinomiya-yamaguchi)
  • 8 - Kyoto Route (Fushimi-ku, Kyoto)
  • 11 - Ikeda Route (Umeda - Toyonaka - Osaka Airport - Kawanishi - Ikeda)
  • 12 - Moriguchi Route (Kitahama - Moriguchi)
  • 13 - Higashi Osaka Route (Central Osaka - Higashi-osaka)
  • 14 - Matsubara Route (Namba - Hirano - Matsubara)
  • 15 - Sakai Route (Sumiyoshi - Suminoe - Sakai)
  • 16 - Osakako Route (Nishi-nagahori - Osakako)
  • 17 - Nishi Osaka Route (Bentencho - Sumiyoshi)
  • 31 - Kobe Yamate Route (Kobe - Shirakawa)

The history of the Gate Tower Building with the Hanshin Expressway

In the mid-1980s, Osaka was adding ramps to Via Hanshin Expressway, but there was land that the owners refused to give up an inch. They had a project to build a building on the site.

After 5 years of negotiation they arrived at a solution to build the building along via Hanshin. The building was constructed with a total of 16 floors and the Hanshin Expressway highway goes beyond the building from floors 5 to 7.

Hanshin expressway – a via expressa que atravessa um prédio

The Gate Tower Building is also known as BeeHive (bee hive) and is located in Fukushima-ku city located in Osaka (not the city of the tsunami). The building belongs to Suezawa Sangyo Co. Ltd and was designed by Azusa Sekkei Co. Ltd and was built by Sato Kogyo in 1992.

This case gave rise to a law that was passed in 1989 and that allows the construction of highways and buildings in the same space. Some may imagine this to be common, but it is very rare and most highways are made underground.

Hanshin expressway – a via expressa que atravessa um prédio

The highway that passes between the buildings does not make any contact with the place, there are only stairs and elevators that jump straight to the eighth floor. The structures are made to protect against noise and vibrations built with reinforced concrete and steel.

Did you know the highway that crosses a building? Do you know others? I hope you enjoyed this short article, we hope you share and leave your comments. Thank you and see you next time!