Discover 7 learnings about entrepreneurship that Japan has to offer

Japan, like other Eastern countries, accumulates ancient knowledge that can easily be used today. Japanese organizational culture has a lot to contribute to the rest of the world and companies and entrepreneurs can only gain from the lessons. Let's learn about the 7 main learnings that the Japanese have to offer:

1 - Power to believe in yourself

Eastern countries carry a rich mystical culture that many westerners are unaware of. The first teaching, could not escape this field and the first teaching begins with the phrase: "You are solely responsible for your conquests and defeats".

What we can take from this excerpt is that all achievements depend only on you, that is, success is only possible when the effort comes from within.

two - Respect the money

If you have money in hand, it came after a lot of effort, most of the time. Thinking that way, respect for him must be essential and that is exactly what the Japanese do.

Westerners tend to value only high notes, forgetting that coins also deserve respect and can generate very interesting revenue at the end of the month. Every amount must be respected.

Discover 7 learnings about entrepreneurship that japan has to offer

3 - Resilience to achieve your goals

Almost everyone has a dream, with excessive effort being required in most cases. The Japanese are known for work hard, whether out of necessity or other personal issues.

Disregarding work inhumanly, we cannot deny that they have a lot to teach us, especially in focus and determination when it comes to achieving their goals. Absorb their resilience and see your goals come to fruition sooner than you expected.

4 - Art-shaped food

Everyone knows that Japanese cuisine is fantastic and full of mysteries, so the way the dishes are presented would be no different. The Japanese use and abuse eye contact when marketing food companies and realized that sales began to grow after they started using “fake photos” of food. This tip can be valuable for you who have or want to open an online or physical business within this niche.

Discover 7 learnings about entrepreneurship that japan has to offer

5 - Visual communication 

As well as the use of visual communication in the food sectors, the Japanese are also known to exaggerate advertising campaigns in general.

It is quite common, in the streets of Tokyo, that you come across several digital signs, screens with images and billboards, that is, the excess of information is something important in the country.

Of course, the adaptation of this model in Brazil could suffer some resistance, however, it is worth thinking about ways to use this trend in isolated advertising campaigns. 

6 - Work for the pleasure of delivering a good job

Much more than working for money, Orientals like to work so that the work is delivered in a perfect way. A curiosity is that in Japan the simple fact of giving a tipping may seem offensive, as they prioritize the work delivered over the amount charged.

The lesson we can learn is that we should be more concerned with service than with financial return. When the work is done correctly, the financial comes naturally.

7 - Respect your schedule

Having respect for time is not a unique characteristic of the English, because in Japan they also have a great deal of respect for being punctual. They believe that the simple fact that you can organize your schedules and follow them makes you improve your leadership skills.

Companies and entrepreneurs who have the capacity to lead, have great chances for your company to be successful, so we can practice respecting schedules, so that our power to lead is worked on. 

The diversity of cultures around the world can bring different teachings to be applied in the routine. Japan is a clear example that persistence and belief in what it is doing can make its results reach another level.

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