Aruitemo Aruitemo - Movie Recommendation

Imagine being able to spend a whole day with a Japanese family. And even better, they don't even realize that you're there and act naturally being who they really are.

Now you can! If you don't understand what I'm talking about, take a look at the video I prepared for you.

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Synopsis and technical aspects of the film


What did I learn from the movie Aruitemo Aruitemo?

Without giving spoilers, I can tell you that this film taught me a lot about Japanese customs, from respect for your elders, to how to serve beer on a dinner table. It's all there, it's not an anime, it's not a fiction. It's really realistic.

Aruitemo aruitemo - movie recommendation

The director of the film confessed in an interview that he made this film out of remorse for not having spent enough time with his father and mother before they died. You can feel it well in the film. Sometimes I found myself thinking: "you will regret saying that ..." not because he said something bad, but they are comments that we sometimes make to our parents and we regret.

So, I learned the importance of accepting my parents as they are, enjoying the moments I spend with them, because there will be a time when I will have to "move on" and I don't want to move on with remorse. But with a feeling that I enjoyed every moment as much as I could, even if it was a weekend at a family gathering, with nothing much to tell.


See you guys next time. Tanoshimi shite ne (look forward to it)

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