‎Integration of artificial intelligence in blockchain‎

‎Since recently, blockchain and artificial intelligence have combined to modernize many areas. The results of these solutions have brought many positive changes. It goes without saying that each technology has its own level of complexity, but artificial intelligence and blockchain are technologies that can benefit and help each other.‎

‎Since both technologies interact with data in different ways, combining them can take data usage to the next level. At the same time, integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into a blockchain can improve the underlying system architecture. Artificial intelligence can significantly improve blockchain efficiency.‎

‎The ability to integrate blockchain and artificial intelligence into the masses is of interest to many companies. For example, ‎‎technology startup SYPWAI‎‎ sees many advantages in using technologies simultaneously.‎

‎Since SYPWAI has established its product development as the basis for its development as a startup, it is very important that the data flow to the neural network increases exponentially. Such a perspective would continue to lead to the flawless operation of artificial intelligence. The blockchain can contribute to all of this.‎

- ‎integration of artificial intelligence in blockchain‎

‎Integrated benefits‎

‎A month ago, a British startup announced the end of blockchain ecosystem development. Now that the testing phase is underway, the analysis is performed and fixes the error and adds minor missing details. Having performed a full range of tests to make both systems run smoothly, SYPWAI will be ready to announce the release.‎

‎Among the industries and sectors that will undoubtedly benefit from the combined use of artificial intelligence and blockchain, SYPWAI highlights the following:‎

  • ‎Medicine, with its highly effective traditional diagnostic methods based on artificial intelligence, combined with a careful attitude in managing medical records and exchanging information, is still up to date. All patients who have sought help depend on a high level of security of their health-related data;‎
  • ‎Copyright protection, where the blockchain “protects” proprietary documents, is like sealing them and providing a time stamp. In addition, artificial intelligence identifies copyright infringers by comparing and analyzing the content they provide with original models stored in the blockchain;‎
  • ‎Cybersecurity systems based on real-time threat detection by artificial intelligence, which can be further enhanced by the function of protecting important information that, under normal conditions, is easily replaced;‎
  • ‎Decentralized autonomous organizations, in which the blockchain supports its self-government system and AI methods that simplify the decision-making process and adapt to changing external conditions;‎
  • ‎Buying and redistributing energy (and other resources) in smart cities using blockchain and artificial intelligence, uses the behavioral patterns of residents to manage energy flow and forecast future demand.‎

‎In addition, sharing and transparency will facilitate access to artificial intelligence objects, including remotely, training data sets, real data and models. This will allow SYPWAI to monitor the work of users who are involved in neural network training.‎

‎The company believes that using the blockchain will help a startup become greener in its relationship with neural network training users and also take SYPWAI products to the next level.‎

'Increased interest in the practical application of AI'

‎In recent years, a new wave of interest in artificial intelligence and its wider practical use in real-world projects has been observed around the world. This is very much in line with the rapid wave of development of blockchain technology and such an effective combination holds enormous promise today. SYPWAI is constantly monitoring trends and updating times. Thanks to an innovative approach, the company is able to guarantee high growth rates and security stability for user data, thus ensuring strong demand among corporations that want to do business with SYPWAI.‎

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