Anime about viruses and epidemics

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In these last few weeks the issue everywhere is coronavirus. A certain fear and panic took over the whole world. And that made people more aware of news and information about the virus. This interest of people has led them to look for films, games and even anime that talk about epidemics or viruses.

Just out of curiosity, in the last few weeks, the 2011 film called "Contagion"Steven Soderbergh ranks first on iTunes downloads. So let's go to a list of anime dealing with issues like epidemics or viruses.

Animes sobre vírus e epidemias

Black Bullet (ブラック・ブレット)

In the not too distant future, humans were defeated by a virus known as Gastrea. The remaining population was exiled to a small territory living in despair and fear. In this world overtaken by darkness, a “civil security” force is formed and a boy called Rentaro, Tokyo resident stands out. This security organization specializes in fighting the virus, in its various forms. Together with their precocious helper named Enju, using their peculiar powers, they try to eliminate the virus to save Tokyo from this terrible threat.


The anime has 13 episodes and was made by the studio Kinema Citrus, which is a renowned studio when it comes to the technical part of animation, that is, visually the anime is well above average.

Genres: Action, Science Fiction, Seinen, Mystery (and a little lolis for those who like kkk)

Animes sobre vírus e epidemias

Guilty Crown (ギルティクラウン)

This is an anime that I highly recommend, even has an article of mine indicating it, if you want to read the review just check it out GUILTY CROWN - ANIME RECOMMENDATION.


The story takes place in an alternative future, where Japan is at biological risk, known as the apocalypse virus. This makes the whole nation revolt after an incident called ”The Lost Christmas”. An organization known as GHQ controls the country with the support of the United Nations. But, the virus continues to devastate humanity, with little or no hope of ending.

The protagonist of the anime is Shu Ouma, a very ordinary high school student. Anti-social and very shy, he spends a lot of time enjoying his favorite internet singer. This is Inori Yuzuriha, lead singer of the band known as EGOIST. One day he ends up meeting Inori, and discovers that she is a key part of a faction of the terrorist resistance he knew as the "Coveiros".

In this encounter, Shu accidentally ends up acquiring a powerful ability through a genetic weapon called the Void Genome. This ability or power that Shu receives by accident allows him to extract people's minds, materializing them in physical form, often in the form of weapons. From then on he finds himself in the middle of a conflict between GHQ and Coveiros, not counting the consequences of the virus in the country.


Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Romance - 22 episodes

Animes sobre vírus e epidemias


In 2012 a unknown virus devastated humanity, except children under 12. At the same time, vampires took over the world and arrested those who survived in underground cities. Hyakuya Yuuichirou, a young survivor, along with other orphans, decide to counteract these situations. They devise a plan that consisted of obtaining a map and weapons, reaching the surface and escaping. But, they are caught and Yuuichirou is the only one who can escape.

Having to abandon and live far from his family and friends, Yuuichirou swears revenge on the vampires, who caused all that situation. So he joins Japanese Imperial Army Extermination Unit, intense training begins to fulfill your life purpose.


Genre: Action, Drama, Shounen, Supernatural - 12 episodes

Animes sobre vírus e epidemias


Amid the industrial revolution, a mysterious virus appears, infecting people very quickly. The virus turns people into hostile creatures that cannot be defeated, unless your heart be drilled. And most of the weapons used by soldiers are ineffective against them. On a certain island, people live on walls, and have built railway stations to get around. And it is on this island that a boy named Ikona, who creates his own equipment to defeat the creatures.

This anime has as screenwriter IchirōŌkouchi (大河内), the same that created the famous franchise Code Geass. The animation of the studio Wit Studio, Inc. stands out a lot.

Genre: Action, horror, supernatural, drama, fantasy - 12 episodes

Other anime about Viruses and Epidemics

  • Highschool of the Dead
  • School-Live!
  • Canaan
  • Coppelion
  • Terra Formars

Have you watched any of the anime mentioned? Do you know others to add to the list? Share with friends and leave your opinion or suggestions in the comments!

Kevin: Before concluding, I personally want to recommend a series from Syfy unknown that it is one of my favorite series and it is about viruses, pandemic and another favorite genre, time travel. These are 12 Monkeys, I recommend watching.