Guilty Crown - Anime recommendation


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Today I bring you a recommendation for an anime released in October 2011. Guilty Crown (ギルティクラウン) was produced by Production IG Studio responsible for such big hits as Shingeki no Kyojin, Kuroko no Basket, Ghost in the Shell among others. In November of the same year of release, an adaptation for the manga and a visual novel spin-off were also produced.

The 22-episode anime is primarily science fiction. Along with the predominant genre, the anime explores an apocalyptic plot with a good hint of suspense and romance. The work draws a lot of attention for the beautiful and well-assembled graphics and excellent soundtrack.

Guilty Crown Plot

The story takes place in an alternative future, where Japan is at biological risk, known as the apocalypse virus. This makes the whole nation revolt after an incident called "The Lost Christmas". An organization known as GHQ controls the country with the support of the United Nations. But, the virus continues to devastate humanity, with little or no hope of ending

The protagonist of the anime is Shu Ouma, a very ordinary high school student. Anti-social and very shy, he spends a lot of time enjoying his favorite internet singer. This is Inori Yuzuriha, lead singer of the band known as EGOIST. One day he ends up meeting Inori, and discovers that she is a key part of a faction of the terrorist resistance he knew as the "Coveiros".

In this encounter, Shu accidentally ends up acquiring a powerful ability through a genetic weapon called the Void Genome. This ability or power that Shu receives by accident allows him to extract people's minds, materializing them in physical form, often in the form of weapons. From then on he finds himself in the middle of a conflict between GHQ and Coveiros, not counting the consequences of the virus in the country.

Positive and negative points of Guilty Crown

I'll start by talking about the excellent openings and closings, which are eye-popping. The idea is that the first waxing and the second opening are sung by EGOIST, the band created in the anime. These beautiful and highly melodious songs. The soundtrack by the way, is one of the points that draws the most attention. The action scenes are always accompanied by varied music, ranging from rock to classical music, always matching the look and tension of the scene.

The design is not left behind, considered by many to be magnificent. The action scenes are the strong point of the animation. The first episode, for example, is incredibly beautiful. In the first minutes, to the sound of Inori, mecha battles happen frantically in a futuristic scenario very well elaborated and produced.

Despite all this, the plot has some relevant flaws. History for example changes course in the transition from the first to the second arc. Some of the characters are shallow and few developed, and many doubts are left in the plot, revealing almost everything in the last episodes. Which leaves the end a little too tight and tight, leaving the inattentive a little confused.

Watch or not Guilty Crown?

Even with a great soundtrack and graphics, for many the anime story becomes a little uninteresting because of the problems mentioned. But even so, nothing takes credit for the original and brilliant story and production of this anime. Well-made action scenes, excellent graphics and soundtrack, fights fighting in a post-apocalyptic Japan in addition to a simple romance draws the attention of many.

Despite the disappointment of some with the plot, the anime is a great recommendation apart from its surprising ending. The work is not perfect but it is very well done and produced. Guilty Crown attracted me and many others who liked the anime as a whole. Try to make the most of the beauty of each episode. If you are interested, search and listen to EGOIST songs, I recommend it !! (The closing songs for the Psycho Pass anime are from EGOIST)