How to obtain a student visa in Brazil


On rare occasions, you may have been born in Japan and another country that does not allow dual nationality, naturalized or obtained foreign citizenship, but want to live in Brazil or study there? In this article, we will show that possibility.

You may also be a foreigner who is fluent in Portuguese and wants to try a career in Brazil. Despite being a country open to foreigners, visas are also necessary to stay in Brazil.

Some think that Brazil is a lawless country where all foreigners enter, but in fact Brazil has the same rules similar to that of the Japanese visa. In fact, the Brazilian visa makes it difficult for Japanese people to enter Brazil, vice versa.

Is it Worth Studying in Brazil?

Despite being a country heavily criticized by the Brazilians themselves for its lack of structure and insecurity, many foreigners are passionate about Brazil, its culture and the warm majority of Brazilians.


Not to mention that the cost of living in Brazil is low for most foreigners, making it a cheaper trip. The tropical climate also attracts foreign students.

Those looking for security can choose regions like South and Southeast, their climate can also be more comfortable for those who are not used to the heat. I personally recommend Curitiba.

There are programs for foreigners to make exchanges, such as the Student Agreement Program (PEC-PG) and other systems such as diplomatic courtesy vacancies. In the past 10 years, foreign students have increased by more than 100%.

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Student Visa in Brazil

O Student visa also called (Temporary Visa IV / VITEM IV) can be granted for stays of up to 365 days in Brazil, for students accepted or enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) in Brazil.

There are different visas and situations for those who intend to take a regular course, internship, exchange or research in Brazil. Other questions can be answered directly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Police.


For citizens of countries that have international agreements with Brazil, the need for a visa to enter the country may be waived. For some foreign citizens, it is allowed to stay in Brazil for up to 90 days without a visa, just the entry stamp granted by the Federal Police is enough. 

The holder of this type of visa may also perform paid work, compatible with the study load. It is also possible to extend the stay of the immigrant with the visa. This can be done with the help of the University and Consulate.

Documentation for student visa in Brazil

The documentation required for foreigners to apply for a Brazilian visa will depend on the applicant's country of origin. Consult the website or post with the consular service closest to your country to find out what the requirements are in your country.

In general, the documentation requested includes, at a minimum:

  • Form completed and signed in two copies;
  • Passport;
  • Statement from the Brazilian educational institution attesting that the interested party has been accepted or is enrolled in the intended course;
  • Financial Responsibility Term issued by the responsible body, when a scholarship holder, or by the person responsible for the student;
  • Good background certificate;
  • Proof of means of transport entering and leaving the national territory;
  • Parental authorization, if a minor;
Como obter um visto de estudante no brasil

Do you want to get a Brazilian student visa?

I wrote this very basic article to make it clear that if you really want to know all the modalities of student visas or other Brazilian visas, get information directly from your country's Brazilian consular or university.

Each country has different rules, so it is impossible for me to write an article talking in detail about the Brazilian visa process. In any case, be sure to access the websites of