6 anime that show the shounen spirit in the kitchen

Gastronomy is present in human life. We eat to live, to celebrate, when we are sad... no matter the moment. In anime, this need is portrayed with passion. The spirit of competition and overcoming challenges are seen in these shounen just like in any other shounen. Being the best chef, looking for the best ingredient. The best, always! Striving, always! That's the shounen spirit in the kitchen!

Shokugeki no Souma (2016)

Yukihira dreams of becoming as good a chef as his father, but his plans are thwarted when his family's restaurant closes. Encouraged by his father, he enters the Tootsuki Cooking Academy, an elite school where only 10% of the students graduate. It has 13 episodes.

6 anime that show the shounen spirit in the kitchen

Toriko (2011)

Toriko is a Gourmet Hunter who lives in a world where eating well is vital. Your goal is to create the perfect menu. For this he must seek ingredients that are difficult to access, traveling and fighting (literally) for the best products. It has 147 episodes.

Cooking Master Boy (1997)

Mao is a 13-year-old boy who grew up in his mother's restaurant in China. After his mother's death, he embarks on a journey to become the best chef in China. It has 52 episodes.

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Ramen Fighter Miki (2006)

Miki works at her mother's restaurant as a delivery girl. She is energetic and explosive. Always in her deliveries, she gets involved in some confusion, either because of her personality, or because she is saving people from bandits. It has 12 episodes.

6 anime that show the shounen spirit in the kitchen

Mister Ajikko (1987)

Youichi is a prodigy who works at his mother's restaurant. One day, a great critic eats the young cook's food and marvels. Youichi has since entered a cooking competition at the Aji-oh Building, recommended by the critic. It has 99 episodes.

Yakitate!! Japan

Azuma Kazuma possesses a great talent for baking. Since childhood, he has been on a journey to create the perfect bread and represent Japan internationally. He now intends to enter the famous Pantasia Bakery and thus achieve his dreams.

Another anime we recommend is Bless you... which, despite not being about cooking, shows a great struggle for packed lunches...

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