6 kawaii and cute animals native to Hokkaido

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Who is looking for a pet, even in Japan you can have several choices. A photographer Twitter user Pop Shiretoko 360, recorded several pictures of kawaii animals that should be seen and appreciated.

Know six of the cutest wild animals you've ever seen, all hailing from the cold upper reaches of Japan's northernmost island, Hokkaido. From carnivores to Pikachu lookalikes, these little creatures will melt your heart!

1. Ezo Momonga

The photos below are from Among your collection is the lovely Momonga Ezo, a type of squirrel endemic to the flight area.

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It is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand, it eats with little hands while looking at you with beautiful, huge eyes and it flies. No wonder Twitter users in Japan have fallen in love with this guy.

2. Ezo Fukuro

Ezo Fukuro, are Hokkaido's resident owl species.

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Ezo is a historical name from Hokkaido, it is commonly applied to the birds and animals native to the region. This owl camouflages itself in the trees.

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▼ Awww… comfortable xD

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3. Hokkaido – Red Fox

Now we have a red fox from Hokkaido. Don't be fooled by that smoldering look, though...

▼ Foxes can be cute like kittens too!

6 kawaii and cute animals native to hokkaido

4. HOKKAIDO's Crying Rabbit

This one serves as inspiration for Pikachu. Ezo Naki Usagi, the Crying Rabbit, belongs to a family of mammals known as the Pika. True, now is whether this is a mouse or rabbit?

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The little, rabbit mouse, reserves the vegetation throughout the warmer months, storing it in cracks in the rocks for the winter ... It became a bear too.

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5. Ezo Risu

The Ezo Risu is a breed of squirrel, another contender for cute wild animal of the year.

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Embedded image permanent link

6. Iizuna

Last but not least, we have Iizuna, an adorable Snow White.

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This neck can be found lurking in the snow, and it can disappear quickly.

These 6 creatures can keep their beauty in the coldest climes of Hokkaido, what was your favorite creature?

Fotos: Pop Shiretoko 360

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