10 Weird Things About Pharmacies in Japan

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As we all know, Japan is full of many strange and wonderful things. A simple trip to the supermarket can turn into hours of wondering what this is and what it does, and the same goes for a pharmacy. The website soranews found 10 strange and interesting products and we will show them here too:

1. ear cleaning products

You are used to using cotton swabs, in Japan they have the perfect mimisukitto [ミミスキット] to get all the impurities out of the ear. With two ends, one solid and one soft rubber.


2. Masks for the eyes

Unlike common eye masks, this one heats up and comes flavored. Just using it to describe the feeling.


3. Hot anti-constipation pills

Not discreet pills, which look more like those chocolates. (Smarties, MeM, Confetti)


4. Anti-hangover drinks

This is something that I'm sure would be a success here in Brazil. Drink this drink, party, and you'll wake up with a clear head the next day (if it really works). The bottle has an orange, flavorful liquid.


5. Hand warmers

Japanese people buy dozens of disposable hand warmers in the winter. They contain chemicals that produce heat thanks to exothermic oxidation, these products usually stay hot for up to 9 hours. Many people like to put them on their gloves or on their waists and even on their feet to prevent a chill.


6. Anti-Allergy Spray

As it is common for some to have pollen or climate allergy, instead of using masks there is this solution. This new defensive treatment promises to protect you from allergies just by spraying your face.


7. Wet Masks

Most of you should know that it is quite common to use masks to avoid passing germs to others, or to avoid allergies and pollen. This brand comes with wet pads to keep your throat from drying out during the day. They are also very useful on long flights.


8. Ghostly Masks

Face masks are a popular beauty treatment around the world, where green masks are placed on the face to treat the skin. However, what is typically found in Japan is a paper-like mask soaked in an essence.

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9. Eyelid tape

In Japan there is a lot of desire to have double eyelids. For those who do not want to undergo a surgical procedure, there is the slightly less painful eyelid tape found in several pharmacies in Japan.


 10. Themed bath salts

Themed products are very popular, what do you think about making your bath more fragrant with bath salts from One Piece or Shingeki no Kyojin. These are just some of the thousands of themed products. These are found in kiwi, lemon, grape and apple scents.

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These are just a few of the infinite different products that can be found in a drugstore or other places. Leave us comments, if you know more bizarre products in drugstores or other places, that we intend to create original, similar articles.

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