Interesting facts about Japan #1

Hello, this is a basic article, describing some interesting facts about Japan, and its culture and customs. There are thousands of facts about Japan, which is difficult to write and what to decide to put, so In this article, we will only talk about 20 facts.

  • Some Japanese people shave their heads as apologies;
  • Japan is made up of more than 6,800 Islands;
  • Japan's unemployment rate is less than 4%;
  • About 25% of the population is elderly and over 65 years old;
  • Japan has more than 50 thousand centenarians;
  • Japan is responsible for 60% of everyone's animations;
  • There are more than 130 specialized dubbing schools in Japan;
  • Japan's literacy rate is almost 100%;
  • More than 70% from Japan consists of mountains. The country also has more than 200 volcanoes;
  • There are thousands of electronic machines that sell drinks, cigarettes ... they sell everything, even panties;
  • The presence of foreigners in Japan was banned for 250 years, as the growth of Christianity scared Japanese religious;
  • 80% of the Japanese population attended college;
  • In Japan it is considered impolite to open a gift in front of the giver;
  • The first Japanese geishas were male;
  • At funerals and weddings it is customary to give money as a gift in special envelopes;
  • In Japan, Shinto and Buddhist practices are combined into a single religion, which is followed by 95% of Japanese citizens;
  • Japanese is the sixth most spoken language in the world, but it is not a popular language outside Japan;
  • More than half of the erotic material consumed by the Japanese is animation;
  • All erotic content officially released in Japan is censored from the bottom parts;
  • Japan's workload is only 9 hours a day, the problem is that a large part of the population works overtime;