Steins;Gate 0 - What to expect?

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On March 28, 2015 A Teaser of the New Game was announced along with the announcement of an Anime adaptation. Many must be madly anxious, or even worried. Unfortunately, not many details were given either about the Game or about the Anime, we don't even know on which platform the game will be released, nor the date or year. The only thing we have is this Teaser below:

YouTube video

We recommend fortemente that you always keep an eye on this site, waiting for any news:

And so? What will the story be? We don't know all the details, but we do know that it will take place in the Beta timeline, possibly in the line where Okabe fails to save Kurisu. It has been announced that there will be a new enemy, a new organization that Okabe will have to fight.


Here are my expectations for the series:

  • May the anime release as soon as possible, probably in 2016, I wish TT
  • That shows some event related to the Steins;Gate timeline
  • It shows a little of the future and events, probably adult Okabe sending a video to the past;
  • Romance between Daru and Suzuha's mother;

That's the expectations I have, let's hope that similar things happen, because it's the only thing I can imagine in a continuation of Steins;gate, separate parallel stories looking like a Spin-Off I don't like so much, so let's hope for a good work .

And are you worried about the sequel or are you anxious? Will we have a series without Kurisu? Now it's wait and see TT

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