15 Ways to Get Free Gems in Clash Royale

Do you want to understand how to receive Gems in Clash Royale Free without having to spend out of your pocket? Looking for Infinite Gems in Clash Royale? You might think it's even a scam, but what if I claim it's really possible to earn a bankroll in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is one of the most downloaded applications of all time. You should use it. Although it is free, to fully enjoy the game, you need to purchase Gems in the game. There's nothing free...

You may not want to invest in Clash Royale, thinking about it, I decided to write this guide with many recommendations of applications, websites and hacks to earn Clash Royale Gems for free. Are you ready?

Some tricks to receive Gems in Clash Royale without spending your money require you to install some applications, also create an account and complete missions to exchange for points that can be converted into money. Some of these applications already give you an initial balance amount for downloading, and also allow you to receive more extra points by referring colleagues.

This article not only indicates each app and website, but also shows you step by step how to earn money in these apps to be redeemed on Google Play and App Store or other app store, in order to be able to convert as Clash Royale Gems.

- 15 ways to get free gems in clash royale
15 ways to earn free gems in Clash Royale

What are Gems for in Clash Royale

Gems is the name of the paid Clash Royale in-game currency used to purchase exclusive items or advance your game progress. By buying Gems you can get things more easily than people who don't buy Gems.

You can get Gems directly in the Clash Royale game through a menu and a page that lists the amount of Gems and the price of the recharge. It may also be possible to purchase other things in the game besides Gems. You can use your credit card or Google and Apple Pay balance depending on the platform on which Clash Royale is installed. It is also possible to buy through websites.

How much are Gems worth?

As is common in free online games, the more Gems you buy in a combo, the cheaper you pay. Unfortunately Gems are expensive, that's why you're here, to learn how to earn them for free with generators, hacks and lifehacks!

The average price of Clash Royale Gems is around 1 dollar for every 100 gems, this value can be higher or lower than the converting your currency depending on the country you are in.

- 15 ways to earn free Clash Royale balance
15 Ways to earn Gems in Clash Royale

Generators and Codes in Clash Royale

One of the most common ways to get Gems in Clash Royale is by applying codes generated by supposed apps or websites.

About sites that create codes or promise high gems in Clash Royale, don't listen, since they only want to hack your account or make you go through a questionnaire so you won't win absolutely anything just waste your time.

Almost all programs and apps that promise infinite balance in Clash Royale merely change your game but are impossible to spend because the real balance is on the game company's server. Posts that provide code in general invent fake codes just to receive views on the site and earn money with their views.

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Get Gems in Clash Royale with Tiktok and Social Media

Some Social Networks pay members for inviting others to use the social network or complete tasks. That way you can acquire your dear Gems in Clash Royale.

It may seem complicated, but it's quick to invite friends to register on social networks for you to earn Gems in Clash Royale. Some people are earning a lot just by referring others to using Tiktok and Kwai. They pay both those who advertise and those who register being invited.

Download from social media and use my codes below to earn a balance to get started.

Our Invitation Code for you to earn money on Kwai is: KWAI343591162
Our receive money on Tiktok is: J9082637868

All codes can be entered in the app's earnings menu (usually a coin icon). There you can also find your referral code to invite people and friends and receive money to buy Gems in Clash Royale.

If you have questions, we have a comment field.

How to earn free gems in Clash Royale with TikTok and Kwai

Google Rewards - Earn Gems in Clash Royale by doing tasks

As it is an official Google application, reliability is much higher, without the danger of doing records and tasks that share your data with suspicious third parties that can send a lot of spam to your emails.

Similar to other to-do apps, here you earn money to spend in Clash Royale for completing tasks that Google shares with you. It's an opinion app, for people who started companies to ask what you like or don't like.

The app is simple to understand and use, it has a place where it shows your balance and a place asking you to answer a questionnaire, the first poll is crucial to receive others.

The Google Rewards app can be found on iOS and Android and must be downloaded from the AppStore and PlayStore.

15 ways to earn free gems in Clash Royale

Dreame - Earn Gems in Clash Royale Readingebooks

Unlike other Apps and Sites that make it possible to acquire balance by carrying out missions such as downloading apps or answering polls. At Dreame you get coins by reading books, a lovely option for those who love to read books. This is a very modern and fun way to receive Gems for Clash Royale.

The application used to get your money in Clash Royale is full of books created by independent authors, with novels, horror and poetry. You can also receive Gems in Clash Royale through referral and with other tasks.

The app also has a roulette wheel on the sweepstakes page. In it you have the possibility to activate the wheel with your coins and if you are lucky you can double your bet, or if you are unlucky, lose your coins, so think about it. If not, your efforts to earn balance in Clash Royale will be ineffective.

15 ways to earn free gems in Clash Royale

Earn Gems in Clash Royale as a Freelancer on Vinte Pila and Workana

If you really want to receive Gems in Clash Royale, you can turn to apps and websites that pay you to do work online as a freelancer, website owners often look for featured image creators for videos, post writers for websites, branding and many others.

There are hundreds of Freelancer websites and apps to make money and spend Clash Royale. If you've always wanted to work from home, what do you think about becoming a Freelancer? You can earn good money doing odd jobs for others.

Freelancer Sites to Spend in Clash Royale

  • 20 Bucks
  • 99 Freelas;
  • Workana;
  • Freelancer.com;
  • GetNinjas;
  • Fiverr
  • General Communication;
  • Crowded;
  • Designhill;
  • heat;
  • Toptal;
  • UpWork;
  • TaskRabbit;
  • Simply Hired;
  • The Creative;
  • Guru;
  • 99Designs;
  • Nexxt;

Quize - Earn Gems in Clash Royale by answering Questions

As the name says, this app is a type of quiz, where you will receive cash balance to spend on your Gems in Clash Royale. So, if you like polls where you need to answer questions correctly, this game is for you.

That way, this is a perfect app for those who want to earn extra income or, of course, spend it on Clash Royale. The app provides you with a Pre-Paid card to make purchases when you exceed 10 USD.

Upon entering the app you will be presented with a welcome video, when watching, click on “Start Now”. Soon after, you will have to enter your number, accept the terms of use and end your contact with a code received on your cell phone.

Don't forget to mention our referral code CODE HERE when registering. After you finish your registration, just wait for a Quiz, Play, accumulate points and use your money in Clash Royale.

How to use my prepaid card in Quize

If you managed to collect 10 USD in the application, you will have to release it, and the only way available is by credit card. In the survey, look for the payment option and click on it. Then click on the Redeem option and fill in some data about yourself. Upon requesting the card, it will be sent to your address.

When your card has arrived, you must go to the Payments menu again and click on Unblock Card. Then, you will put the final four digits of the card that arrived at your address and the first 3 digits of the CPF. Then just click on the Unlock option and make good use of your money in Clash Royale.

How to get free gems in Clash Royale with quiz

Earn Gems in Clash Royale by recommending on People

Peoople is a different application from the others mentioned, it is a recommendation platform, where restaurants, books, movies, products and others are recommended. It is an application for influencers, as it has everything that influencers can indicate to their followers.

To earn Gems in Clash Royale with this app, you need to level up. To earn money and level up you need to complete tasks like:

Have at least 20 likes on your references;
Have at least 10 followers;
Use the app for at least 5 days;
Have a profile picture;
Refer at least 5 people to the Application;
Create 2 collections of recommendations;

After reaching Level 2 you can earn points that are exchanged for credit by doing other tasks such as:

  • Recommend Books, Movies and Products;
  • Referring friends and people;
  • Referring Affiliate products;

This People app can be found on both Android and IOS and can be installed from the Play Store and App Store.

FOAP – Earn Gems in Clash Royale with photos

Ever thought about earning Gems in Clash Royale by taking pictures? Foap is a social network for those who love photos because this passion can make you earn a complementary balance in your Clash Royale account.

Foap is an application created to allow subscribers to sell their photos taken with their cameras and cell phones, available for iOS or Android. Another advantage of this application is its appearance, which looks like a social network, which allows you to make friends.

The value of each photo for sale is at least 10 dollars, which is equivalent to 10 USD at the current exchange rate to buy Gems in Clash Royale. Once you've downloaded Floap, you'll need to upload the photographs for other members to view and purchase.

You can sell photos of your travels that many website administrators and businesses buy. We recommend that you hashtag your photos so people can find them spontaneously.

This Foap software is available for download on iOS and Android systems and must be installed from the Operating System Store.

How to earn free gems in Clash Royale with Foap

Hago and Big Time - Get Gems in Clash Royale by playing

Big Time has little games inside where you must accumulate points and then exchange them for money to spend on Clash Royale. Points can be redeemed for dollars or spent on weekly sweepstakes, but I'd rather use cash than spend it on something uncertain.

It is possible to withdraw from 10 dollars, which is equivalent to 10,000 points in the application. Withdrawal can be done through Paypal.

Hago - Plant a tree

Who said money doesn't grow on trees? In Hago you need to take care of a tree and you receive money from its cultivation and growth. Just water, fertilize and care for it every day.

You get water by doing some challenges or playing mini games present in the App. It's a tamagoshi and pet type game, but in this case you take care of a tree, it's pretty cool.

These Big Time or Hago apps are available for download on iOS and Android and must be installed via the Play Store and App Store.

How to earn free gems in Clash Royale with Big Time and Hago

Cashizine - Earn Gems in Clash Royale by reading news

Cashzine is an app to earn points by reading news to then exchange it for money to use in Clash Royale, to be honest you don't even need to read the news in the App, just open it and wait for time to pass and get your reward.

Cashzine is like a social network that allows interactions, comments and likes. It is also possible to profit by inviting people and doing tasks.

How to earn free gems in Clash Royale with Cashzine

The Cashzine app can be found on both iOS and Android and must be installed from your Operating System Store just search by name.

More methods to earn Gems in Clash Royale for free

In this Guide on earning Gems in Clash Royale you have seen that there is nothing easy, you will need to spend your time and effort to acquire your money in Clash Royale for free. Remembering that balance creators for Clash Royale is a waste of time, they are fakes created only to make money for creators through ads and CPA in the generator.

In addition to the applications mentioned in this Post, there are many others that pay in dolletas, offer services, investment and more. Below is a list of more apps that should help you buy Gems in Clash Royale:

  • Sweatcoin
  • iPoll
  • checked
  • Decluttr
  • Uber
  • MyPointBonus
  • Letgo
  • FaithfulAgent
  • Gigwalk
  • OffeUp
  • WorthBonds
  • GoogleOpinioRewards
  • Snapwire
  • SurveyOthGo
  • Public
  • Ibotta
  • Mobee
  • RobinhooFreSharoStoc(Ut$)
  • merchandise
  • TasRabbit
  • Acorn Bonus
  • CapitaOnShopping
  • Lyft
  • Earny
  • Rakuten
  • Lucktastic
  • Swagbuck Bonus
  • MoneMachine
  • Foap
  • Bookscouter
  • Upwork

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