Yomi - Exploring the Realm of the Dead

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In the various cultures around the world, we always see different stories about “Heaven” and “Hell”. Since the Egyptians we already have reports of souls being taken somewhere. In Japan, for example, Yomi [黄泉] is nothing more than the land of the dead.

We don't know if it can be compared to the River Styx, Tartarus, or any other kind of underworld. The clearest similarity is that normally, the souls of the dead are taken to these places. The Japanese word can also be used specifically to refer to hades or hell, but its Japanese meaning is unique.

But anyway, we can leave the comparisons for later, now let's deal with Yomi. After all, a “hell” is just as important and even better known than a “Heaven” in some cultures. Of course not all of them, but that doesn't make it any less important. But anyway, let's get to the point.

Yomi - the world of the dead

Yomi – World of the Dead

Yomi, in Japanese mythology and in the Shinto calls the world of the dead, apparently that's where the dead go. It is not possible to say how long a dead person will stay in this place. After all, this information is one death away from being discovered. Also, we have no idea what they go through there.

This place has its doors guarded by terrible creatures. Creatures we can't even imagine their appearance if you can imagine such a thing. An interesting thing is that these creatures, in theory, guard the Yomi's exit. After all, many must want to leave this place, but few want to enter.

Once the dead fall there to be fed they are taken to the center of the Yomi. After entering, the dead are not allowed to leave and visit the land of the living. He only has the option of drawing Yomi's parallels with Hades, God of Hell, or with Hell itself.

Yomi - the world of the dead

Yomi is commanded by Izanagi no Mikoto, whose is the great Deity of the world of the dead. According to kojiki, the door leading to Yomi is located in Izumo Prefecture. The door would have been sealed by Izanagi no Mikoto.

As the dead cannot retreat from the yomi to any place other than the parallels, the door was permanently blocked by a huge stone, the one called Chibiki no iwa.

After Izanagi returned to Ashihara no Nakatsu Kuni, he noticed that Yomi was a "polluted land" translating into Japanese she was kegareki kuni. And this observation of yours demonstrates the traditional association of Shinto between death and pollution.

Reviews about Yomi

Many scholars believe that Yomi's image is derived from ancient Japanese tombs. In which the bodies were left for some time to decompose. The purpose of Yomi can now be taken from there.

For a basic explanation, the world of the dead tends to leave the dead “waiting” in the dark for quite some time. At least until your moment comes, now the question is, “what moment?”. That question remains unanswered for now, no soul has returned to answer.

When the Buddhism When he arrived in Japan, Yomi also came to be considered one of the hells of Buddhism. Just like kakuri, hell that is led by Enma.

Yomi - the world of the dead

But one thing that intrigues us is that, apparently, this realm of the dead has a geographic continuation in the mortal world. But with that, he can't be compared with hell either. For in hell the dead tend to suffer for sins committed in the past.

Well, each of these places is different. On Yomi, it doesn't matter what the dead person did in the past, whether it was good or bad. The “soul” will simply enter a world, whose existence will follow the path of darkness, decay and melancholy.

Ready to travel?

After a while you become more and more interested in these subjects. Mainly because of these beliefs that in themselves already bring with them a certain attraction. Many are interested in mysteries like these, what the afterlife is like and all that. Well, who never wanted to know how it should be, right? Probably interesting and scary.

But anyway, is there a world of the dead from another culture that you like? It can be anyone, whatever the culture or place, just leave it in the comments. Also, don't forget to share the site on social networks, it helps a lot.

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