Why did Japan attack the Americans at Pearl Harbor?


Ever wondered why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor? In this article we are going to talk a little bit about that historical event that changed the course of the world and started the end of World War II.

We must first understand why the Japanese were at war. Japan wanted to expand its power by conquering other countries in Asia and several islands in the Pacific Ocean. Japan has a longstanding reputation for wars, both internal and external.

Japan needed to expand its territory due to the scarcity of natural resources, which forced the country to import almost everything from outside. At the time, the country was ruled by a group of extremely nationalist military men who believed in war.

Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor

Japan wanted to follow the example of the colonialist powers in Europe, in which it had a great influence on Japanese culture in previous years. When Hitler started the war against Europe, the Japanese saw it as a good opportunity to expand their territory in Asia.

It was on December 7, 1941, early in the morning, the Japanese bombed the North American base of Pearl Harbor, located in Hawaii. It was a bloody and violent event, where it killed more than 2,000 Americans, injured many people and destroyed many boats.

Why did Japan attack Americans in Pearl Harbor?

The attack was essential for Japan to enter the war and caused, a few days later, Germany and Italy to declare war on the United States. Thus, it officially occurred in World War II.

At the time of the Attack, the Japanese already controlled half of the Pacific and occupied countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma and the Philippines. Because of this, Japan suffered many problems with the United States, which generated the attack.

The entire Japan Attack on Pear Harbor was meticulously planned even years in advance. During this period Japan had pacifist representatives who negotiated with the United States, disguising and taking Pear Harbor by surprise.

Why did Japan attack Americans in Pearl Harbor?

Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

The United States represented an obstacle to Japanese expansion in the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the Japanese military decided to attack Pearl Harbor, which was the main American naval base in the Pacific.

Not to mention that the relationship between Japan and the United States was not very good. A few months before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States imposed an oil supply embargo on Japan in response to Japan's expansionist policy.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor definitely marked the participation of Japan and the United States in World War II. Before, the United States only supported England against Germany, and Japan tried to expand in Asia.

Why did Japan attack Americans in Pearl Harbor?

All of this was the result of a war between Japan and China that took place a while earlier in 1932. That year the Japanese invaded Manchuria in search of coal and minerals. In 1937 Japan even conquered Shanghai and Nanjing.

In other words, the second world war started even before Hitler attacked Poland. The United States did not like this war between Japan and China at all, thus breaking the trade treaty with Japan in 1939. This kind of influenced Japan to sign a cooperation treaty with Nazi Germany and attack Pear Harbor.

There was no lack of reasons to attack Pear Harbor, in 1941 Japan was advancing towards northern Indochina - Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia - exploring the place. The United States stepped in and froze all Japanese goods that were in the US and blocked oil imports.

Why did Japan attack Americans in Pearl Harbor?

Of course, Japan was also to blame, as he refused diplomatic resolutions to leave China and the surrounding territories and insisted on continuing its expansion. Japan has a long history of civil wars, which explains its insistent attitude.

What resulted from the Pear Harbor attack?

We know that Pear Harbor made the Americans very angry with the Japanese, thus destroying two populated cities in Japan Hiroshima and Nagasaki with a nuclear bomb. The attack was also a surprise and killed 100x more innocent people.

Despite all these evils and disagreements between the United States and Japan, the nuclear event was necessary for Japan to let go of its long war history and become one of the most peaceful countries in the world, proving that a country can change.

Why did Japan attack Americans in Pearl Harbor?

I wish Brazil also stopped being a corrupt country and full of criminals to become a first world country like Japan. The same thing happened with Singapore and some other countries on the globe, which rose from the ashes and climbed the mountain.

The current relationship between the Americans and the Japanese is quite positive. The Japanese today are very influenced by American culture and the country is full of Americans, mainly the region of Okinawa, where is the military base.

After World War II, Japan had to sign an agreement between the United States promising that it would not become involved in wars, making the United States responsible for defending Japan, becoming great allies.

Why did Japan attack Americans in Pearl Harbor?

Of course, this was not free. Japan owes a huge debt to the United States, even though it is responsible for the largest number of deaths. Yet both countries are influenced by both cultures.

Currently Japanese people visit Hawaii, have a passport with free entry to the United States and many other perks that Brazilians do not have. Despite the resentment of some people who suffered from the war, both countries manage to see each other with good eyes.

I hope this article helped you understand how and why the Japanese attacked Pear Harbor. What did you think of this article? If you liked it don't forget to share and leave your comments.

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