Gamer and otaku themed wedding - Tips and Curiosities

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If you are a gamer or you like anime and even Japanese culture, you may have dreamed of having a themed wedding on your favorite work. Others imagine that having a wedding like this can confuse and generate comments from those present.

Many gamers and otakus in an attempt to fulfill her dream of getting married, she ends up causing others shame for going too far in her wedding themed parties. In this article, we're going to talk a little bit about gamer and otaku marriage and how you can do it properly.

For some, difficulties occur before finding the ideal partner. Although many gamers or otakus want to relate to people who have the same taste, this does not usually happen.

Even if your spouse doesn't like anime or games, there's still a way to have a marriage you've always dreamed of. One of the first mistakes is to imagine that a game and anime themed wedding needs to have cosplay or strong decoration.

You can have a themed wedding without your spouse even knowing what it's about. Just plan in a way that is acceptable to everyone present.

How not to be an otaku and gamer marriage

Liking anime or game characters too much causes some to cross the line and perform marriages the wrong way. Some in the difficulty of finding a person in their life, end up marrying a dakimakura pillow.

Others simply marry their virtual character through VR (Virtual Reality). Already some women in Japan have already paid to have a wedding ceremony and party without any spouse.

Gamer and otaku themed wedding - tips and trivia

If you're a gamer and otaku with a social life and a relationship, congratulations! Just be careful not to spoil your wedding by having a theme party that is too strong. I don't see any problem with doing something the way we like, the problem is the guests.

Unfortunately most people don't share the same tastes, maybe too much can cause a cultural shock to visitors. Not to mention the amount we would spend planning something very themed. Remember that the theme inspiration is a reflection of the couple's personality!

It is not legal to ask guests to wear clothing that differs from local customs. Perhaps family or friends can use some objects to highlight the wedding theme, things like cufflinks or clothing colors. We cannot make guests confused or uncomfortable. If possible, it is best to wear traditional wedding clothes, don't try to show up in shoddy cosplay clothes.

How can a themed wedding be?

The first thing we can decide is the location. Will it be in a castle? Temple? Island? Forest? If this is your dream and desire, there are no limits! You can! With the location in mind, think of a decor that highlights the artwork you want to base your wedding.

No things that are too colorful to look like children's parties. Try to do the wedding lines in a natural way, don't try to quote things outside the wedding just to sound like a game or anime, let alone speak sentences in another language.

Gamer and otaku themed wedding - tips and trivia

Invitations can be themed, you can use phrases and jargon that make sense with a wedding. One of the best ways to get into the game or anime environment is through the beautiful soundtracks.

I personally have imagined my wedding several times with some game or anime music, but don't even think about putting songs sung outside the party. The ceremony needs to be something classic and traditional, some music on piano or violin, games and anime are full of them.

It's important to think about the guests, just because you and your spouse like a certain game or anime, won't leave out local and popular songs and customs. The couple can rehearse a scene or dance related to a game or anime to present to the public.

Just don't think about showing games or anime during the wedding, if you want to highlight the characters in the work, you can do this through a painting or decoration on the cake.

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