Do you know what Yamete Kudasai means? Yamero? Dame? 

The word YAMETE [止めて] literally means STOP! and can give the sense of:  Stop this Please stop I can not take it anymore Isso doi

These expressions are often heard in erotic anime or perverted moments. I hope it is not for this reason that you have researched the meaning of yamete!

The word DAME [駄目] means that something is not good, it must not be done, it cannot, it is forbidden, not allowed. Women often use it during sexual intercourse, as if asking to stop, SQN!

Already yamero it is usually used by men in moments of action, struggle and frustration, when trying to prevent something from happening.

Both yamete and yamero are forms of the verb yameru [止める] which means to stop, cease, discontinue, finish, leave, cancel, abandon, give up, abolish and abstain.