Train Melody - Little train songs in Japan

Train Melody are small melodies that are played when a train is arriving or leaving a station. In Japan there are several melodies that are played at each station, they serve to warn and wake up the sleepy ones, in addition to bringing a sense of relief of the departure and arrival of the train.

The first train melody in Japan was introduced by Keihan in 1971. Over the years, bells and jingles were used to signal the arrival, until with the advancement of technology, several types of classical melodies were used in different stations.

Unlike bells and jingles, the melodies that are played on today’s trains in Japan do not leave people in a hurry and in a hurry. They can get around and get on the train in pleasant weather, without having to put up with the unpleasant sound of the crowd.

Train melodies

There are thousands of different melodies spread across Japan’s stations, in Tokyo on the Yamanote Line you can find several stations that play the same song known as seseragi. The Takadanobaba station plays the opening song for the first Astro Boy anime. The Maihama station plays the classic Disney song “It’s a Small World”.

There are so many melodies that I get lost and I don’t know which ones to mention. Some are classic songs, but most are played in MIDI composed with 8-bit sounds. Remembering the sounds of Nintendinho or even simpler. Some stations like Shin-Okubo and Ueno play a simple phone tone. Watch the video below and follow all the melodies of the yamanote line.

Visiting this link you access a page with the details of the songs and the download of the MIDI. Is that you? What do you think of these Japanese train tunes? Listening to these songs gives me a nostalgia and a lot of homesickness.

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