The Origin and Meaning of Hinode in Japanese

Many know the word Hinode because of perfumes, makeup and beauty products. In this article, we will see the inspiration of the word hinode, its meaning and its origins that come from Japan and Japanese culture.

Hymn [日の出] literally means dawn or from the English sunrise. It is literally composed of the ideograms of day/sun [出] and of leaving, starting and putting [出]. It can indicate rising sun, first ray of the sun, first day of the year and others.

The origin and meaning of "hinode" in Japanese

As the first day of the year, hinode [日の出] conveys the idea of family reunion, thanks and requests for health, peace, friendship and prosperity as the year begins.

Hinode also conveys the idea of dawn. With each first ray of sunshine of the day, the human being's will to live better each day in a better world is renewed. That is the purpose of the name Hinode in cosmetics. The video below explains this:

What is Hinode in Brazil?

Hinode is a Brazilian company founded in 1983 by Adelaide Rodrigues and Francisco Rodrigues. The first appearance of the Hinode brand was in 2003 and in the year 2008 they adopted the form of business using Multi-Level Marketing.

Hymn is a more than perfect word to be harmonized with beauty principles that the company sells. I personally don't have any experience with the company and I'm not even advertising for it.

The origin and meaning of "hinode" in Japanese

In my research on IF THE i came across the word hinode in japanese as a suggestion, so i decided to write this article. I've also always been curious about Japanese expression.

Hi no de wa mada desu. The sun hasn't risen yet.

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