Do the Japanese eat dogs or insects?

Many Brazilians discriminate against Japan and Japanese immigrants in our country because of rumors that, in Japan, people eat disgusting things, such as mice, insects, dogs, frogs, and even human meat.

is this really true? How in Japan, a first world country, can people eat such horrible things? If they eat these kinds of things, how come they don't get sick? We will try to discuss this in this article.

Do the Japanese really eat this kind of thing?

It is true that in Japan some people eat things like raw fish, and some other dishes that cause controversy (like the dish Katsu Ika Odori-don). However, in Japan not it is customary to eat things like rats, dogs, frogs, etc. Certainly they probably find it disgusting, just like us Brazilians. It is hard for someone not to find this kind of thing disgusting.

Of course, in Japan, in some rare cases you can find a frog or something else strange. However, this is not part of any tradition or culture in Japan. We can compare it with Brazil, where rabbits, snakes and other strange animals are eaten. However, personally, I have not met anyone here in Brazil who eats rabbits, even though it is not uncommon. In the same way that if someone eats a certain exotic dish, it is something very rare.

Eating dogs in Japan is very unlikely, since a dog in Japan is very expensive, and there are no stray dogs. After the Second World War, the scarcity of food forced the Japanese to feed on other sources, such as insects for example, but this is very rare today.

Where do people get these ideas from?

If it is not customary to eat this type of thing, why do people spread this type of thing? Was it hatred of Japan? Not really. This happens because of the craze of people to say that "oriental, everything is the same".

In China, was usually eat dogs, insects and other animals. Dog meat was part of a very old Chinese diet. At that time, dogs were not seen as pets, but as a wild animal, and were treated like a wild animal. They used to season the dog's meat with some Chinese herbs and spices and cook for several hours.

But today, with criticism and pressure from the western media, eating dog meat is an increasingly rare act. However, there are still people who eat dog meat in China in order to preserve the tradition. In the case of insects, this is really common in some countries in Asia, due to poverty and food scarcity. If you can, leave your opinion on this controversial issue.

Below we will leave a video showing a little of the Chinese cuisine of RUA! For the most part, exotic dishes are eaten at fairs, festivals and street stalls.

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