Are the Japanese polite or fake?

The Japanese are famous for being polite, humble and respectful. But this is not a concept of universal and unquestionable acceptance as is seen in some more observant foreigners and even some slightly more unseemly Japanese. One Korean even said: While Koreans are not rude and genuine, Japanese are polite and fake.

It is well known that we cannot take the image as a rule. It so happens that, since the Japanese use an indirect approach in their relationships, masking themselves through the appearances of social occasions, it is common for poor Westerners not to play this dialectical game. But the calm nature of the easterners of distant Japan values polite treatment to avoid problems.

Are the Japanese polite or fake?

In general, Japanese people are really polite. Culture shapes them like that, and in that way, they act so naturally that they don't even realize that they are. For greater understanding, see the reader our article Honne and Tatemae, which is an attempt to explain this typical Japanese quirk.

Japan is a country with a population of over 125 million. And in the small territory of islands there are people with very different traditions, history and customs. Therefore, it is useful for the reader to understand the disparity in behavior that can be found in that people. Some being closed, indifferent to the other, reprehensible to their own feelings; while others are opposites, even becoming what is taken as the image of our own people, the Brazilian.

Are the Japanese polite or fake?

Is Japanese education false?

Who hasn't tried to be polite to get a job or impress someone? The truth is that the entire world is dominated by people who are uneducated or who present to be educated only at convenient times. Even with dear friends, sometimes we need to fake politeness, even though we wish otherwise.

The same thing happens in Japan! The big difference is that the Japanese need to be educated almost all the time if they want to be accepted in society. Saying a simple good morning, asking how you are, or thanking you for anything are universal customs that have declined more and more all over the world.

Are the Japanese polite or fake?

The truth is that not everyone wants to be polite all the time. I don't wish to offer something, but I offer out of politeness... Many go through the same situation. So in this way we cannot say that there is false politeness. Politeness is exactly doing more for others even if we don't want to.

We can say that false education happens only when there is a strong lack of empathy, narcissism, manipulation, racism or selfishness. These people pretend to be polite, but in reality they can ruin anyone to get what they want.

Being polite is being nice to someone else even when you don't want to!

Are the Japanese polite or fake?

Is the education of the Japanese something genuine?

Some children tend to mess around until they reach school age and learn the rules and manners they are taught. Some seniors do what they want and are usually rude because they believe they have the right. The truth is that there will always be egotists or people who do not follow the pattern established by society.

Most Japanese are educated primarily out of a sense of duty. In Japan there is incredible social pressure to behave well, respect, follow rules and do things in a group. Despite all this, we can say that Japanese education is something real, rooted and consistent, not something false.

Are the Japanese polite or fake?

Culture and society wield great power in how the Japanese are. It's not just out of obligation, most Japanese find joy in acting politely. The mentality of doing good for others is responsible for keeping Japan safe and progressing! If everything was driven by falsehoods, Japan would never achieve this reputation for being polite!

They don't just learn education protocols, but they learn mutual respect and consideration. How many examples of honesty and help do we need to remember to show that Japanese education is genuine? even members of Yakuza show respect and politeness within society, why wouldn't others do the same?

Are the Japanese polite or fake?

Another thing that we can mention is that many are ashamed and shy! I myself have stopped saying good morning or even saying thank you because of my shyness and shame. Now imagine the Japanese who are famous for their extreme shyness? You can see in Japanese society that most people exchange greetings with a smile in the face.

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What to learn from the education of the Japanese?

The Japanese are taught to always be conscientious about how to act, yes always, not to stand out. These “polite” gestures are just something they do in their daily lives, and when they do it means nothing. They just do what they are taught to do.

Are the Japanese polite or fake?

While some may find this untrue, keep in mind that if you don't do the same, they'll think you're a rude person. Many Brazilians in Japan complain about certain attitudes of Japanese people, but many who complain don't try to say a simple good morning and make friends with a Japanese.

Have you ever tried to be friends with a Japanese person? You will see how much they value friendship, you will see what true friendship is! A friendship without interests, a friendship without intruding on each other's lives when unsolicited. Even if he doesn't want to, the Japanese consider the next before himself.

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