Japan's bizarre and useless inventions

Japan is famous for innovating and creating many things that we use in our lives, but it also creates many useless and bizarre inventions. There is even a word for these useless inventions which is Chindogu (珍道具), which literally means “unusual tool”. 

Chindogu they are inventions made to solve a particle problem, but which sometimes causes so many other problems, or causes social embarrassment, which in fact has no use.


The term Chindogu was coined by  Kenji Kawakami, an inventor and editor of the Japanese magazine “Mail Order Life.” Together with Dan Papia a book was created that became popular worldwide, known as "101 useless Japanese inventions" or “101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions”. 

Thousands of copies are sold, and every year countless crazy inventions are created and posted on the website chindogu.com or some book or online media, even in record books.

There are 3 fundamental principles for creating a Chindogu:

  1. The invention must exist, even if it is absurd;
  2. It must be kept in the public domain without patents;
  3. It must not be created just for humor, it must be an invention with a purpose;

Japanese Inventions

There are countless crazy and useless inventions already created by the Japanese, not to mention those created outside Japan. See some of them:

  • Want to lock your bike more safely? What do you think of this lock?
  • Do you feel lonely? want a lap? Your problems are over;
  • Do you have difficulty putting eye drops?
  • You can't stand eating hot ramen or like to be blowing?


  • Let your cat clean the floor of your home;
  • Do you feel lonely?
  • Is your girlfriend too lazy to hold the umbrella?
  • Are you too lazy to pet your cat?


  • Eat your ramen in comfort;
  • Do you want shopping cart?
  • Shall we light a cigarette there?


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