The advance of Android robots in Japan


Over the years, the Japanese have always tried to create a human robot, and today they are already getting close. In this article I will leave some videos showing a little about the advance of robotics in Japan.

We will focus only on Androids (Robots with human appearances). We will notice several videos showing a little of how Android was presented, and how it is advancing in technology, in terms of speech and movement.

Remember that one of the ways to designate a robot in the female form is actually gynoid.

A robot to train dentists!

Showa University created Showa Hanako, to help dentistry graduates train their profession.

Talking robots

It was a major breakthrough in 2010 when talking robots were introduced, but with a huge limitation. The video has been showing the presentation a little, you must know English or Japanese to understand.

Robot that mimics movements

Report and interview with two robots


Asuna is a robot with more human movements, which was presented in 2014 and 2015, showing a great advance in robotics. Although not yet completely realistic, and sometimes even frightening, we can see in the dialogue below, his ability to answer questions easily and even make confirmations in an informal way ...

In dialogue, the Japanese asks her name, she answers and still speaks her age. When the Japanese says: 18 years? She also confirms: “juugosai Dayo” this has already caught my attention.

It was also presented at a fair in February 2015 a little differently.

We see that its appearance resembles a persocon that is part of an anime chobits.

Robot singing and dancing

The HRP-4C female robot presented in the videos below is capable of Singing and Dancing.

That way the vocaloids soon come to life.

That was some videos I found, to give an idea of how Androides are advancing in Japan. What do you think? Will it still take them a long time to build a more humane robot?

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