Itachi Uchiha's 2 Susanoo Weapons


You who are Naruto fans, know that one of the best and most influential deaths in the anime was that of Itachi Uchiha. Or rather, not really, in the chapter he was fighting and almost dying against Sasuke, he was generally wanting to see blood.

But as they say "if regret would kill ...", and there is no better phrase than that to describe what the fans felt a few chapters later. Yes, it was kind of like I was in heaven, but when a curtain was pulled, hell broke out.

And yes, it was literally a regret that marked. Fans wept tears of blood because of regret. Others began to idolize the character as the embodiment of the perfection of what a Martyr should be. Others praised his conduct in choosing the most important and not following his feelings.

But for sure, what most impressed many people was their strength. Itachi Uchiha will be remembered for his overwhelming power whenever Naruto Shippuden goes too. If I compare, Itachi himself has more fans than Naruto himself who is the protagonist…


But back, this guy was responsible for showing us why the Sharingan was the most popular eye jutsu by Masashi Kishimoto. We are talking about powers like Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Izanagi, Izanami, Susanoo and several others that I will not mention here…

And of those who are cited, only 1 was not presented by Itachi Uchiha. Yes, the guy was angry, just not as angry as Pain / Nagato. Why Nagato and “Shinra Tensei” was the most striking scene in the entire manga and anime. (Fanboy will complain, but I'm not calling ...)

Itano Susanoo

But, I'm just here to discuss one of the most striking and interesting parts in the entire anime. That is the first appearance of the Susanoo technique of the Sharingan. And more specifically, the sword that the susano'o of Itachi had, the Totsuka Sword.

As we already know, the susano'o technique dramatically increases the user's defense and attack. I will not go into details as it would be boring to explain. But the point is that each person has a unique susano'o. And Itachi's was certainly the most special of all.

He had with him two priceless treasures with powers beyond Naruto's own unusual sense. These treasures would certainly affect the balance of the world if Itachi himself was as bad as was thought up to the time he died ... And it is these two items that I will present.

As 2 armas do susanoo de itachi uchiha - itache susanoo

Yata no Kagami

The first and most OP of the two, it was certainly the Yata's Mirror (八咫鏡, Yata no Kagami) that was an ethereal shield wielded by Itachi's Susanoo. Whose was said to be endowed with all five transformations of nature (Fire, air, water, earth, lightning).

And it was able to change its own elements and characteristics according to the attacks it receives, making the attack entirely ineffective. Ex: for a fire attack he would take the element of water; for an air attack he would take the lightning element ...

Black Zetsu claimed that this, combined with the Totsuka Sword located in his right hand, made Itachi's Susanoo almost invincible. And it is the Totsuka sword that we will present next.

Totsuka Sword

The Sword of Totsuka, also known as Sakegari no Tachi, is a variation of the Sword of Kusanagi. It is sheathed in a sake jar; the blade is in fact the liquid inside the container that is loosened and shaped, rather than a conventional sword.

It is an ethereal weapon, with an enchanted blade capable of sealing anything it pierces. Those who are pierced by it are sucked into the jar and trapped in a "world of drunken dreams" like genjutsu for all eternity.

In addition, Itachi also managed to remove Sasuke's cursed seal by punching and removing Orochimaru from Sasuke's body. Orochimaru searched for the sword all his life and Zetsu commented that he was never able to find it.


Along with the Mirror of Yata, the Totsuka sword is a weapon carried by the Susanoo of Itachi and is used by the third hand that grows from his right forearm. Together, they made Itachi almost invincible.

As 2 armas do susanoo de itachi uchiha


Honestly, in my honest opinion, Itachi was important but he was not the best character for me ... At least not when we saw Pain / Nagato completely destroy Konoha with a single Jutsu.

Pain/Nagato lost to Naruto in sage mode???? This is the author's bullshit, nothing but the worst mistake just to promote the wise way.

So much so that the author had to redeem himself when he put the Nagato reincarnated by Edo Tensei to give a beating in the incomplete Kyuubi Naruto chakra mode, Killer Bee and Hachibi's semi transformation and Itachi himself all together.

And they only won after a lot of suffering and hard work. And I won't even comment on Madara Uchiha humiliating thousands of extras, the current 5 kages and some of the 4 reincarnated hokages. In addition to wiping the face with the protagonists for a few episodes.


Madara is the only one who had the audacity, the importance, the respect and the CREDIBILITY to judge someone's strength. Honor to Maito Gai who made Madara in the form of Jyuubi's Jinchuuriki to say the phrase that every Madara fan has to know. And this is where we finish this post:

"I, Madara, declare you the strongest"