Research reveals country data, see a comparison!

A study by the British institute Perils of Perception, reveals some interesting data about several countries in the world, so we took Brazil and Japan to make a comparison. Don't worry, this comparison has nothing to do with one country being better than another.

The test was conducted by asking “every 100 people” questions, but over a thousand were interviewed. Let's put the question referring to 100 people but the % of the answer may well apply to the total population.

The test was made to know the population's answer, so we'll have the correct answer followed by the guess that the population gave when doing the survey.

Information / Question / Theme Truth from Brazil Brazilian opinion truth from japan Japanese opinion
For every 100 people, how many have access to the internet? 53% 72% 86% 74%
For every 100 people, how many are atheists or have no religion? 8% 35% 57% 53%
The average age of the population. 31 56 47 65
For every 100 women, how many work? 56% 52% 64% 56%
What is the wealth % of the country's 1% of the richest have? 46% 40% 19% 41%
For every 100 people aged 20, how many are obese or overweight? 56% 47% 23% 32%
% of women in politics? 10% 18% 10% 12%
% from people living in rural areas? 15% 34% 7% 56%
% of foreigners in the country? 0.3% 25% 2% 10%

What can we conclude from this research? According to april magazine Brazil was considered the third most ignorant country for not answering the questionnaire correctly, thus showing the lack of knowledge of Brazilians about what is happening in their own country.

Those who thought that Brazil is a country of foreigners were shocked to learn that only 0.3% of the population is foreign while 2% of Japan's population is foreign.

The Japanese were also badly mistaken in thinking that 56% of the population lives in rural areas. Probably they should consider the small towns and villages far from Tokyo as a rural area. And we noticed that a large % of the Japanese are overweight.

We note the great inequality in Brazil where 46% of the country's wealth is in possession of 1% of the rich. While in Japan only 19% of the country's riches is among the 1% of the rich.

I hope this data is of some use to you, at least I found it very interesting. If you want to take the Quiz and see data from other countries click here.

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