Pen Spinning – Juggling with the pen

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You must have seen someone doing Pen Spinning, if you haven't, so I believe that at some point in your life you have tried to juggle a pen, those in school time or even at work thinking about something.

Anyway, Pen Spinning is just that, juggling with a pen. Of course, just trying doesn't mean you've succeeded, after all there are people with absurd ability to do such a thing. Now let me tell you more about this very popular hobby in the world and especially in the east.

Pen spinning - juggling with the pen

What is Pen Spinning

Pen spinning, in free translation can mean spin the pen or spin pen,, which can be classified as a type of juggling, hobby and sport. That's right, it's not just a game or hobby to distract yourself, Pen Spinning is also serious.

This juggling consists of rotating a pen in one or both hands in a synchronized and fast way, using fine motor coordination deftly, that is, the movements need to be almost perfect, since the fine coordination is mainly used for delicate and sensitive tasks, whose mistakes have disastrous consequences.

Ordinary pens are not always used to make the pen spinning. There are special pens that are called Mod (modified pen), you take parts of pens and make a mod, the known ones are: Buster, Menowa, Mx, KT, KIRER, etc.

The hobby is popular in Asian countries, where there are courses and equipment for teaching it, this information gives us a sense of how much they like and take Pen Spinning seriously.

Pen spinning - juggling with the pen

How did Pen Spinning come about?

This practice has been very common since the late 1970s and it is not uncommon to see people unconsciously twirling pens and pencils while their attention is elsewhere. Thus, we can say that this art originated from people's unconscious, and then it became more elaborate to the point we have today.

It is unclear where pen spinnig originated. Through the internet, the hobby was popularized in the first half of the 2000s, through videos and specialized websites on the subject. People have always been spinning pens at school, one hour or another it would become a sport.

In Japan, as in several other countries in the world, there are in-person and online championships, and like any championship in any sport, there are awards for the best qualified, because Pen Spinning is also a sport. Thus, in 2008, a 16-year-old boy named Ryuki Omura became the first Japanese champion of the modality. The practitioner of pen spinnig is also known as pen spinner.

Pen spinning - juggling with the pen

Pen Spinning Features

Well, since we talked a little about the theoretical part of this art. Let's now move on to the practical part, where we will learn the basics of Pen Spinning.

Before picking up the pen, we need to know a few things beforehand for us to help with the practice. To begin with, there is a notation of its own in pen spinning, where the fingers and the openings between them are numbered, To facilitate the learning and explanation of maneuver techniques, that is, to help in the description of the maneuvers and also the step-by-step. step on how to do them.

Come on, let's start by numbering the fingers:

  • Finger T is the thumb (from the English thumb);
  • Finger 1 is the index;
  • Finger 2 is the middle finger;
  • Finger 3 is the ring finger;
  • Little finger;
  • Next, the spaces between the fingers:
  • T1 aperture is when the pen is placed between finger 1 and the T;
  • Aperture 12 is when the pen is between finger 1 and 2;
  • Aperture 23 is when the pen is between finger 2 and 3;
  • Aperture 34 is when the pen is between finger 3 and 4;

Okay, done with the preparations, now it's time to get down to business. Every Pen Spinning beginner needs to know four basic moves, they are fundamental to help stabilize and improve fine motor skills, as well as being the basis for many other moves and higher level combos.

These movements do not rely on special/modified pens (MODS). Since all maneuvers go (normal suffix) and return (reverse suffix), this means that the maneuvers can be performed in two directions, this detail will be better understood after practice. Conventionally, all movements have names in the English language, as it is the most spoken and used language in the world.

Pen spinning - juggling with the pen

Basic Pen Spinning Moves

ThumbAround Normal: is a movement in which the pen is propelled by any finger, commonly the 2, passing around the Trotating 360° on top of it. At the end of the manoeuvre, the pen must be stuck in the opening T1.

Normal Fingerpass: it is the simplest movement to understand, execute and also the best known. In it the pen literally rotates between the fingers, more specifically it passes from one opening to the other sequentially. The movement consists of giving only half a turn of the pen between the openings of the fingers (1223 and 34). The direction that the pen travels is on the palm side and down, then goes up on the other side of the hand.

The Normal Sonic is known as the technique that quickly changes the pen from one finger position to another. In movement, the pen rotates conically behind the fingers, without involvement with the thumb, between the openings. 23 and 12. abbreviation for supersonic, due to the great speed that is executed, among the basic movements it is the most difficult to execute.

Pen spinning - juggling with the pen

Normal Charge – Technique that only needs two fingers to be performed and does not have any exchange of fingers. Basically the pen rotates conically in one position and clockwise in the right hand or counterclockwise in the left hand. It can be done in any of the openings, but it is commonly done in the opening 12. It's a movement similar to what drummers do with sticks, turning them.

Ready for Pen Spinning?

For beginners these are fundamental moves, they need to be fully mastered before starting to try other maneuvers. That's all I can offer you for now, my dear reader. If you want more posts about Pen Spinning just comment.

But then, did you already know that Pen Spinning is considered a sport? Do you practice or know someone who does? Or if you want to make a suggestion, just comment, don't forget to turn on notifications and stay tuned here on the site, we always have new content. Thanks for reading so far, I hope you enjoyed it. Finally, let's leave some funny videos:

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