The most profitable and successful Otaku markets

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Every year the Yano Research Institute website publishes a report on the otaku market. This research is carried out to find out what is earning more money within the otaku world. In this article, we will share this 2017 survey for you Suki Desu readers.

The fastest growing otaku area is the world of Idols. This is because this market is able to reach a large adult audience that is not even interested in anime and manga. The market with the biggest drop was cosplay, which fell 7.9% of the profit generated. It is believed that the drop was in prices and not in popularity.

Os mercados otaku melhor sucedidos


Ranking of the 9 main otaku markets

  1. Idols - 210 billion yen (US $ 1.8 billion), an increase of 12.3%;
  2. Doujinshi - 81.7 billion yen (US $ 720 million), an increase of 2.8%;
  3. Pornography - 49.5 billion yen (US $ 436.1 million), an increase of 0.6%;
  4. Cosplay - 35.000 millones de yenes (308,4 millones de dólares EE.UU.), un 7,9% menos;
  5. Figures - 32.5 billion yen (US $ 286.3 million), up 1.6%;
  6. Yaoi - 21.9 billion yen (US $ 193 million), down 0.5%;
  7. Eroge - 16 billion yen (US $ 140.1 million), down 4.8%;
  8. Visual Novel / Love - 15.5 billion yen (US $ 136.6 million), an increase of 3.3%;
  9. Vocaloids - 10 billion yen (US $ 88.1 million), an increase of 4.2%;

Other categories that did not appear on the list but are in the research carried out by yano are: Plastic models, toys, dolls, trains, maid and toigan (military survival). We do not need to mention the anime, light novel and manga market, which are responsible for most of the related categories such as cosplay and figures.

Os mercados otaku melhor sucedidos

What happened to the otaku market?

Sales of manga and individual creations are increasing on the internet, which caused the 2.8% increase in doujinshi works. The figure industry has increased thanks to high mass manufacturing and low prices.

Yano said sales in the porn industry fell because seniors learned to use free sites. Just as anime blu-rays are falling more and more, the eroge (erotic games) industry fell 4.8%. Relationship games have increased thanks to the popularity of games for the female audience.


Os mercados otaku mais lucrativos e bem sucedidos

I hope you enjoyed these little data about the 2017 otaku market. The trend is to continue the declines and increases as the technology evolves more and more. What is your opinion on this data? We appreciate comments and shares. We also recommend reading: