What are Japan's Gamers like? Curiosities and comparisons

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Have you ever been curious to know what Japanese gamers are like? What is the difference between gamers from Japan and gamers from Brazil? Is it cheap or normal to be a gamer in Japan? In this article, we are going to cover all the details about gamers in Japan.

In Japan almost half of the population is gamer, about 65 million Japanese play, even if casually. After all, Japan is famous for pachinko where middle-aged men spend money on gambling. So basically the Japanese have gamer blood.

Japan generates over 12.5 billion dollars from games every year, which makes it the third largest gaming market in the world. About 37% of gamers in Japan are women. Meanwhile, about 30% of the Brazilian population are gamers, and of these 41% are women.

What are japan gamers like? Curiosities and comparisons

How are gamers in Japan?

Most Japanese are gamers, mainly because of the drinking that is very accepted and comprehensive in the country. It is common to find many people playing on cell phones or handheld devices on subways and trains across Japan.

Kawaii culture and fantasy is widespread in the country, which allows people of all ages to create some interest in some non-casual game, which is uncommon in our Brazilian culture.

People of all ages can be found playing something, be it an RPG or a pachinko. In schools there are clubs dedicated to games, both on boards and consoles.

What are japan gamers like? Curiosities and comparisons

Japan can be considered the country of games. It was in this country that the best consoles, the best franchises and game companies from all over the world emerged. Possibly if it wasn't for Japan the games would be boring and lifeless (like many nowadays).

People who are addicted to games in Japan are called Otaku. This term can be a little pejorative, some relate gaming addiction to the social isolation of a hikikomori.

Computer games are not as popular in Japan compared to consoles. Maybe because most people prefer Japanese games that don't usually get PC support.

Regarding professional gamers, we have an article talking about the gamer schools.

What are japan gamers like? Curiosities and comparisons

Gamers from Japan vs Gamers from Brazil

Being a gamer in Brazil is not easy, unfortunately we earn little and pay dearly for consoles and games. Even so, Brazilians have a number of gamers who dedicate themselves to their collections and play an infinite variety of games.

To discuss this subject we chose a video by my friend Rodrigo Coelho along with RkPlay that will talk about the costs of being a Gamer in Japan and Brazil. Then I will add some details and continue with the topics.

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