Koreans get plastic surgery gifts?

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Plastic surgery is a market that has been growing worldwide, but especially in South Korea, the incentive for this starts early. The country was the champion of plastic surgery for a long time. In 2014, for example, an average of 980 thousand plastic operations were performed. This corresponds to 2 out of every 100 people who live in the South Korean country.

And yes, it's true that parents have a habit of presenting their children with plastic surgery usually before they enter college. This surgery is in the eye region to make the eyes less characteristic, but in a very subtle way.

Let's better understand how the popularity of plastic surgery began, how the tradition is and how plastic surgery is seen there. Are surgeries cheaper? How does access to cosmetic surgery work in the country?

Koreans get plastic surgery gifts?

South Korean Beauty Pattern

The standard of beauty changes a lot from one culture to another, but something that doesn't change is the search for that perfection. For this, people adhere to plastic surgery, cosmetics, diets and other ways to look for the ideal look.

In Korea, the charge for physical perfection is high, especially among k-pop idols, which unfortunately contributes to high suicide rates in South Korea. The South Korean beauty standard is influenced by the Western Aryan, which are large eyes, fair skin, thin upturned nose,

The pattern also requires eye enhancement so it is common to wear lenses. and also the shape of the face in a V. Esthetic procedures are often performed by common citizens such as double eyelid and jaw shaving.

For the South Koreans, the head should have a small shape and a delicate face, straight eyebrows, and fair skin (white skin means nobility, while tanned skin is associated with manual labor) everything to look younger. As they are considered to have beautiful skin, cosmetics are coveted around the world.

Koreans get plastic surgery gifts?

They are also concerned about body aesthetics. The pattern in this case is thin, slender. The standard for men is above 1.75 m and defined abdomen. and the shorter women with thin thighs not touching each other. There are not common overweight people, but they still exist. However, these people suffer prejudice because when they are overweight they are considered lazy.

These little things may seem like they are not of great importance but even getting a job is difficult if you don't meet the required standards. In South Korea's capital, Seoul, huge advertisements encouraging plastic surgery are very common.

double eyelid surgery

It is common for South Koreans to have their eyelids drooping, leaving them with a sad face. The main purpose of plastic surgery is to make the eyes “less Asian”. So, to reverse this, it is common for them to undergo plastic surgery when they are still young. The procedure costs on average US$ 1,500 or R$ 4,000.

The surgery itself is simple, there is no need for hospitalization and it can last from 40 minutes to 1 hour. In 15 days the result is already visible, but it is only in 3 months that the final result appears. The surgery must be done by a plastic surgery professional or by an ophthalmologist who is an eye surgeon, because if you don't take care of your vision, the person may even stop seeing.

Anesthesia can be either local or general. Until completing 15 days after surgery, the person must take all precautions not to damage the vision or stain the skin around the eyes.

Koreans get plastic surgery gifts?

from dream to nightmare

In South Korea, both men and women are bombarded daily with advertisements on walls, buses and billboards to improve their appearance simply and easily. Many are convinced of this from an early age.

So, in turn, this market becomes much more profitable than you might imagine. People from everywhere go to Korea to have access to cosmetic procedures with more possibilities for doctors and prices. Korean makeup brands are expanding all over the globe.

The problem lies in the bad faith of many professionals when it comes to practicing medicine. Because it gives a lot of money, unfortunately there are many cases of people who are not even qualified professionals and carry out procedures that deform the person. Or, that they are doctors from another specialty who are venturing into plastic surgery.

These “doctors” use photo editing features to make before and after faces in order to attract potential patients. This had serious consequences for many people who dreamed of being part of the pattern and ended up having their faces disfigured. Another problem faced is that of “ghost doctors”, someone who performs surgery in place of another surgeon was hired. The patient doesn't even know when it happens because the 'doctor' takes action when he is sedated.

The profit from plastic surgery in South Korea is higher compared to the USA and Europe, perhaps because they are surgery a little cheaper than other places and because they do most of the procedures. Because of these problems, the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons is calling for stricter rules for plastic surgeons and also regarding cosmetic surgery advertising.

The Korean Medical Association has even tried to implement the project to install cameras in all operating rooms, but most doctors disagreed saying it could distract professionals and inhibit patients.

Koreans get plastic surgery gifts?

Kwon Dae-hee case

CNN Brazil made a special story to talk about the case of Kwon Dae-hee, a young man of just 24 years old who surrendered to the plastic surgery procedure. The procedure was to thin his jaw, but he bled heavily during the procedure. He died seven weeks after complications. He was the victim of ghost doctors.

Kwon was insecure about his appearance. The change he wanted to make was the imposed pattern common to k-pop idols. The family did not support him to undergo the surgery, yet he wanted to change to feel better. The case took place on September 8, 2016 at a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul.

Kwon spent 6.5 million won on unsuccessful operation. The case was discovered by looking at the security camera in the room. Although many don't agree, some places already have this feature. The cameras show different doctors changing places and still a time of about half an hour with no doctor in the room, just assistants and nurses. Kwon's family wanted to sue those responsible. But the laws around phantom doctors were not concrete.

Koreans get plastic surgery gifts?
Credit: Courtesy of Lee Na Geum for CNN Brazil

face change

Many travel long distances to have plastic surgery in South Korea, and some procedures are just as drastic. that when trying to return to the country of origin, people are prevented from boarding because the face does not look like the photos of personal documents.

Because of this, the “plastic surgery certificate” was created, issued by Korean hospitals at the request of foreigners who perform the procedure.

Koreans get plastic surgery gifts?

What do you think of this culture around aesthetics? Would you do any of these procedures?

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