Jun Maeda - Biography and A story of irony

Jun Maeda (前田純) is a writer, lyricist, composer, draftsman and businessman. He is known mainly in the Visual Noveis business, especially at Key Studios. He is the co-founder of Key, as such, he is considered a pioneer for the advancement of modern Noveis Visuals, also influencing his adaptations for anime.

He owns famous and popular titles in Japan and the rest of the world who likes VN and anime. Before Key was formed he had worked with some titles, working as a tactics agent, titles like Moon and One: Kagayaku Kisetsu. After Key was formed he had a chance to show everything he is capable of and all his dedication was deposited in some titles, such as: Kanon, Air, Clannad, Little Busters !, Angel Beats! and Charlotte. 

It is worth remembering that he did not do all the work alone. But Jun is also one of the greatest composers and writers today in the world of Visual Noveis.

Since high school he already had the gift to be a composer, so he was determined to try a career in this area in games. But he was rejected at all times. Then he saw that he needed to try something else, in this case, a scenario writer. He first threw himself into the Eroge games (+18), so he had the idea of selling his 300-page feature to a developer, with great potential. After this stage of his life, he joined the company Scoop in 1997. He contributed as the main scenario writer for the company's first game, Chaos Queen Ryōko. But disappointed with the work environment, he gave his resignation letter after completing his role in the work.


In most of his works for Key, he delves into family relationships, always putting the Maternal figure in front of him. He tries to show everything that a relationship between friends and family can provide, from happy moments to moments of pure weeping. He also explores the different ways of loving, in their “platonic” form, where pure love, without the idealization of carnal desire and interest are formed, a love that deviates from current standards. Another theme he explored is “magical realism” or the addition of fantastic elements to his stories.

Jun is also known for his “crying stories”. In their works the characters have sad pasts, with the development of a melancholy story. The development could be classified in 4 forms: Hidden pasts, Sad moments, Climax and Melancholic Conclusion. It has to be very cold so as not to fill your eyes with tears, haha.

There is much to be said about it, but who knows, we may leave it for another article !?

Angel Beats [Contains Spoiler]

Angel Beats is not a Visual Novel, however, it had its anime version. The story that was created and directed by Jun Maeda. The story that would come true to some extent in his life. The synopsis of Angel Beats, below:

Synopsis: The drama takes place in a place after death. Where angels struggle to complete destiny and the future. Yuri, nicknamed Yurippe, is the leader of Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS, World after death, front), who is on the opposite side of God, who gave him the destiny of a life without purpose. Angel (Tenshi), is the president of the student council of this world and she fights against members of the SSS. SSS members use battle weapons to face angels, harnessing their supernatural powers.

The anime is really very sad, there are many reports of crying after a 12-episode session. The main drama develops between the main character, Otonashi and Angel, thus creating a story of romance, which from the beginning goes to a dramatic side.

The relationship created between them is divided between SSS and Angel herself, but Otonashi did not want to abandon either one or the other. So he tries to join Angel and the SSS, in the beginning, that would only lead to problems. But it is necessary for everyone in the end. She is a pure girl, who does not want harm to anyone, who simply retaliates the attacks received. She is a girl to be discovered to create fun and happy moments. With all this, we proceed to a series of facts.

Ayato Naoi's appearance is what defines the anime's outcome. He is a human who thought he was a non-player character. After he dies he develops hypnotic powers, which allows him to control others and bring them to a state of "dream". He just wanted to be recognized for his own existence, so he became the President of the Student Council and was also self-proclaimed God! Angel and Otonashi manage to get him out of this false kingdom. Later, Ayato becomes a member of the SSS, and also a friend of Otonashi, being the only one he treats in a “loving” way. Yuri asks him to take Otonashi to his dream of death.

In his dream, Otonhashi discovers that he had an accident in a train accident with the other passengers and in the end, he marks on his donor card the organs he wanted to donate to someone after his death, also convincing the other passengers. Before being saved, he dies.

After knowing the cause of his death, he has a new goal. Help the other characters to discover the cause of their death, so that they can disappear from that world, in order to reach "heaven" or "nirvana".

It was like that until the end, people disappearing ... Until there was Angel and Otonashi left. He discovers something about Angel that left a mark on everyone. Angel reveals that when she was alive, she received a heart transplant from a donor named Yuzuru Otonashi. It is not possible to pass the feeling of this scene to you, but who has not seen it, to watch this anime at least once!

The story passed to real life

On March 1, 2016, it was announced that writer Jun Maeda had been hospitalized. No information was revealed about his condition, but he was receiving medication and constant care. It was a shock for many lovers of VN and his works for anime, all rooted for his recovery.

On July 2, 2016, we received good news about Jun. He had left the hospital! The news came through his official Twitter, making some comments, thanks and revelations. The revelation is that he was dealing with Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy (unexplained enlargement and weakening of the left ventricle of the heart). He thanked everyone who supported his recovery, and also left a comment for his recovery.

This disease has taken many pleasures away from me, but I will continue to live and do my best. It is a miracle, I was saved.

And ironically, in a funny and sad way, on July 28th he made us another revelation about his state of health. He said he needed a heart transplant.

He commented:

“I went to a check-up. I can't seem to continue to live with my heart and I still need a heart transplant ”.

And he added:

"It will cost a lot, and for surgery I will need to be hospitalized, which is something that I am so tired of now".

However, he reassured fans that he will still live to write more stories. He also talked about the announcement of a new PlayStation Vita Game.

It was possible to see comments on social media, such as: “It looks like the game has turned, doesn't it?”

So it seems that his life has become as in his stories. Where some characters go through hospital problems, in the end they have to die. But we hope he can recover.

Any updates will be posted here!

We had great influence from the source: AnimeX

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