Manga Kissa - Internet Café - Cheap Accommodation in Japan

Have you heard of the famous Manga Kissa? In this article, we will talk about manga coffee or internet cafe and how it can be one of the best cheap accommodation options in Japan.

Manga Kissa [漫画喫茶] are places where you pay by the hour to stay in an environment that provides a space with a computer and access to a gigantic collection of free mangaes, books and drinks.

In this article, we will randomly use the terms manga kissa, manga café and internet café, but I want to make you aware that both are the same thing, there is no difference. 

It is often called Manga Café or Internet Café, but both usually provide the same things. Others go further and offer Karaoke, pool and even some arcade machines. Becoming a cheaper entertainment option than a Karaoke Box or Spocha.

Manga kissa - internet cafe - cheap accommodation in japan
The furatto of a manga kissa
The word Manga Kissa [漫画喫茶] is translated as Manga Café, but its characters [喫茶] also mean tea house. The venue offers tea, coffee and soft drinks and sometimes alcoholic beverages. Kissa is short for kissaten [喫茶店]. 

How does a Manga Kissa or Internet Café work?

As soon as you enter the site for the first time, you will need to register. Then you get one points card which also serves to access other manga coffee from the same chain or franchise.

There are different types of rooms and private seats. If you plan to host a Manga Kissa, we recommend asking for furatto [フラット] which is an enclosed place with a padded floor (tatami mat) and a computer with sufficiently large space that looks like a bed.

Manga kissa - internet cafe - cheap accommodation in japan
The furatto of a manga kissa

There are public chairs such as a Cyber Café or private chairs, some with a massage chair or reclining chairs. You can also read in other spaces of the place or just get a blanket and pillow to sleep. Some spaces are exclusive for women.

Prices for spending an evening (12 hours) at an Internet Café or Manga Café range from 2,000 yen to 3,000 yen depending on the location or service offered.

After you register and choose the type of accommodation you want, you get a card that indicates the number of the place you will be staying. There you have access to a computer with a very good internet and a headset.

Manga kissa - internet cafe - cheap accommodation in japan
Some of the advantages of a kissa manga

You can leave the room whenever you want, pick up any manga or book, drink all you want, sometimes even have ice cream. Meals are paid for, you can order from the computer and they take it to your space.

Manga Café also offers showers, washing machines, lockers, VR, video games, television, free Wi-Fi and much more. Not all Manga Kissa offer everything, it is necessary to search for images of the place Google Maps.

How is a Manga Kissa or Manga Café charged?

When choosing your seat, some places ask how long you want to stay. You can exceed this time, but you will be charged an additional fee if you exceed the time. On your computer and on the form you receive you will find details of price and time. The coffee mangaes usually follow the following average:

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger >>
30 minutes.200 yen
1 hour.400 yen
3 hours.1,000 yen
5 hours.1,400 yen
6 hours. 1,200 yen
8 hours.1,500 yen
12 hours.2,000 yen

You can use the beverage machines at will, but instant snacks, shower and other perks can be charged separately. Some places offer a simple breakfast for free.

On weekends the price is usually about 300 yen more expensive. Be careful not to pass the time, they can charge 100 to 150 yen for each additional 15 minutes you stay.

You can find the ideal manga kissa using Google Maps and searching for the terms: manga kissa [マンガ喫茶], intaanetto kafe [インターネットカフェ] or by the name of the network you want to find. 

The best Kissa Manga from Japan

There are several franchises Manga Kissa as well as some individual and local mangaes. Below I list one of the most popular internet coffee and manga coffee franchises in Japan:

  • Kaikatsu Club;
  • Gera Gera;
  • Manboo;
  • I appreciate;
  • Space Create;
  • Customa;
  • Gran Cyber Café;
  • Popeye coffee media;

As I unfortunately only had the chance to try the Kaikatsu Club, it is my biggest recommendation. My friend said that the second best is the Aprecio. Of course, this tastes good, I think it pays to test each one, especially the only ones that are not part of a franchise or kissa manga chain.

Big cities like Osaka and Tokyo you can find many different and unique Manga Cafés. There are innovative manga kissa that can sometimes even have onsen, beds or that look more like a hostel than a manga cafe.

Manga kissa - internet cafe - cheap accommodation in japan
The furatto of a manga kissa
The first Manga Kissa or Manga Café is believed to have appeared in the 1960s in Nagoya and Tokyo. 

My experience at Kaikatsu Club - Comic Internet

When I was in Japan I stayed in a Kaikatsu Club 3 times, the first time I slept in a Karaoke room while my friend stayed in furatto [フラット]. The good thing about the karaoke room is the long bench that allowed me to fully stretch.

Luckily the second time I went to Kaikatsu Club the furatto I took was quite large and allowed me to fully stretch, even though I had 1.80. This time I had the chance to test the internet and watch 4k videos loaded instantly.

Manga kissa - internet cafe - cheap accommodation in japan

It was an amazing experience, much cheaper than hostels that usually cost over 3,000 yen, and sometimes they didn't even have good Wi-Fi. The only downside I had at the Kaikatsu Club is the luggage issue, but I didn't even look for details on that, as I didn't have the bags.

To this day I keep my Manga Kissa card Kaikatsu Club [快活 CLUB], my friend just called this place komikko intaanetto [コミック &インターネット], after I went to understand that these ideograms were kaikatsu which means lively, cheerful and rest.

I hope you enjoyed the article! If you liked it, share it with friends and leave your comments ... If you have any questions just leave it in the comments. It is essential to visit an Internet Café or Manga Kissa when you are in Japan! I recommend!

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  1. Eu simplesmente amo a ideia de manga café, eu adoraria montar algo parecido no Brasil mas não teria tantos mangás, light novels em português e precisaria de um bom investimento inicial também para montar o espaço, internet teria que ter no mínimo umas duas de 100 Mb e não seria em Gb como no Japão. Além de pessoas para atendimento e vários tipos de computadores e umas máquinas também para venda de produtos. Mas a proposta é sensacional e eu fico louco para conhecer.

    • Obrigado pelo comentário, acho que é sim possível montar algo legal e lucrativo, mas realmente precisa de um grande investimento.

  2. just love the coffee manga idea, I would love to assemble something similar in Brazil but I wouldn't have so many mangas, light novels in Portuguese and I would need a good initial investment too. ;m to assemble the space, internet would have to have at least two 100 Mb and it wouldn't be in Gb as in Japan. In addition to people for customer service and various types of computers and some machines for selling products. But the proposal é sensational and I'm dying to know.

    • Thanks for the comment, I think é yes it is possible to build something nice and profitable, but it really needs a big investment.

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