If you like Japan, you will like this book!

A long time ago, in a country far, far away (18,539 km to be exact) I decided to write a book about traveling to Japan, this was a book I wrote using 10 years of experience living in Japan.

I released it a while ago and you can still download it for free. But before that, I recommend you watch the video below:

Life is a box of surprises, and I confess I'm surprised that I made the decision to release this book for free. If you want to know about the motivation behind this book, subscribe to the channel because there I will put a video talking about it, also talking about plans for the future.


Writing and making videos has been amazing.

Helping people try different things. That's my goal, seeing that I'm helping people has been immensely rewarding. Thank you Kevin and thank you to you who read my posts, watch my videos and read my book.

I intend to bring better and better content, 楽しみしてね!(stay tuned)

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