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“Traveling is more than just visiting sights, it's the change that happens, deeply and permanently, in the concept of what life is.” - Miriam Beard

Many wish to travel to Japan but are left with thousands of doubts related to expenses, tourist places, to live with the natives or even some are afraid of getting lost for not knowing the language. This book will help you step by step to prepare your trip to Japan in the best possible way!

Guide information getting along in Japan

The guide written by Roberto Pedraça that will help you make the best trip to Japan smoothly has about 71 pages and covers topics such as:

  • Define the priorities of your trip;
  • Expose lies that some talk about trips to Japan;
  • Access the Internet from Japan (for free);
  • Save to spend on more important things;
  • How to get around when arriving at Japan airport;
  • Tips on how to get to the destination point;
  • Tips on how to manage with hotels and trains;
  • Tips and preparations before the trip;
  • Tips related to food, shopping and tourist attractions
  • Tips on how to spend time on the plane;
  • Tips for staying hydrated (important);
  • Bonus tips for those who already live in Japan;

Book Author Notes

In this book, I will give you tips on preparation, how to choose places to visit and how to save money on accommodation, food and public transport. I’ll also teach you how to prepare well, how to deal with the weeks before your trip and even how to behave in your first hours in Japan!

It is a joy to be able to share all this knowledge I had living in Japan for about 10 years. Even better joy is being able to pass this knowledge on to you totally free of charge in order to help you do well in Japan.

Good reading and good adventure!

Ass: Roberto Pedraça

Suki Desu's notes

During my trip to Japan I had the opportunity to meet Roberto Pedraça who became a great friend and who made me know the city of Hamamatsu becoming one of the most fun days in a city that I didn’t expect many things.

It all started in Osaka when he visited the home of a friend where I was staying, then he and my friend joined me who hosted 2 extroverted crazy people that made the tour in Osaka very fun. Everything is more fun when we are together with friends! Now I was happy when I heard that he was writing this book and I was surprised by the writing of the book and how much fun it was.

I don’t like to read, but when reading his book it didn’t seem tedious and the tips are of great help to all Suki Desu readers. I hope you enjoy this book / guide!

Digital book - doing well in japan!

Thanks to everyone who reads the guide doing well to help your trip to Japan! We look forward to hearing feedback and opinions from readers in the comments on this page.

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