Japanese addicts, Japan wants to limit casino visits


The Japanese are known for their pachinko addictions, as casinos in Japan were not legal. But at the end of 2016, a law was passed that approved legal casinos, but integrated into resorts (MICE). Until the Japanese gambling addictions caused a proposal to limit access to these resorts.

Chikako Ikeda, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party committee, confirmed that on April 27, 2018, a proposal to limit visits to casinos will (has already been) submitted by the dominant Liberal Party together with Komeito.

What is the purpose of casinos in Japan?

The purpose of official casinos in Japan within Integrated Resorts is to boost tourism and generate revenue. Throughout the Japanese years they spend their wages on pachinko and slot machines that are a kind of casino but do not involve money.

Some pachinko are strongly linked with cheating and even Yakuza. Many Japanese people play pachinko and are able to exchange their winnings for money instead of products, this on the pachinko's own ground,

Japanese addicted, japan wants to limit visits to casinos

So the idea of freeing casinos is obvious, the government may have dominion over these legalized gambling games. In the same way that they can have mastery over lotteries and other games of chance.

In addition, the proposal of resorts with casinos causes gigantic companies from abroad to invest billions in the country.

The proposal to limit casinos

The proposal says that both Japanese and foreigners who live in Japan, can only visit casinos 3 times a week and 10 within 28 days. Everything will be registered through My Number.

Although My Number is an extremely important document, only 10% of the population issued it, which left some legislators with doubts about using them in the casino.

Japanese addicted, japan wants to limit visits to casinos

They want to limit gambling because research shows that about 3.2 million Japanese people suffer from various financial and psychological forms because of gambling addiction. Not to mention that some have problematic behaviors due to gambling, which can affect even family life.


Japanese legislation has long tried to organize the rules of approved casinos in late 2016. Things like setting limits on casino areas within integrated resorts.

They need to organize guidelines on the places where these games of chance take place. Everything was expected to happen by the end of 2017, but for political reasons involving Shinzo Abe things had to be postponed.

Could the two scandals involving Shinzo Abe become a threat to integrated resort designs in Japan?

Japanese addicted, japan wants to limit visits to casinos

Other proposals involving casinos in Japan

In addition to limiting casino space and the number of days a Japanese can visit, other projects involving taxes are being discussed. Some want a 30% tax on gross gambling revenue, in addition to needing three different licenses to open a casino.

The project also involves a fee of 6,000 yen ($ 56) to enter a casino. The reactions to this proposal were mixed. It is believed that a limit of 3% in the space of the resorts for casinos can affect foreign investment in the country.

Is that you? What do you think of these ideas related to gambling in Japan? Do you think these rules are beneficial for the population not to be addicted to games? Will legal gambling take the place of the pachinko?