Golden Kamuy? - 3rd season - Continued - Spoilers

Have had a chance to watch the anime Golden Kamuy? Finished? In this article, we will see some curiosities, information, images and videos of Golden Kamuy. And the possibility of a continuation or new season. And also manga, novels and other extra and original materials from the work.

Depending on the situation Golden Kamuy, we want to update this article in the future with spoilers, tips and curiosities.

Can you release a sequel to the Golden Kamuy anime? Most want to know when it will happen! to know this, we have to look at the popularity and profit Golden Kamuy had in Japan.

First let's look at some curiosities and information about Golden Kamuy's anime and original work. We even prepared a menu to organize your navigation in the article:

Golden Kamuy Information and Curiosities

Resume: - This anime tells the story of Sugimoto, a former soldier looking for a treasure from a legend where a Noppera-bo (faceless man) tattooed the map on several prisoners who fled Abashiri prison. The main character meets a girl from the Ainu tribe named Ashiripa who helps in this long journey.

Details about the work: - Written by Satoru Noda and released in August 2014.

Where to Watch the Golden Kamuy Anime:

Curiosities: - The Ainu language in history is supervised by Hiroshi Nakagawa, an Ainu linguist at the University of Chiba. The anime tells a lot about the history of Japan, Ainu culture and about the province of Hokkaido.

New season or continuation of Golden Kamuy

Our website Suki Desu did an internet search for the new anime season Golden Kamuy and notice what we found out about it:

The chances of a New season or continuation of the Golden Kamuy anime are unknown ... 

—– Unfortunately the Second Season closed without any ads for the third season, but there is an OVA that will be released in March 2019. We don't know if this OVA will announce a new season or if it is a continuation of where the story ended. The manga is still in release and many things happened where the second season left off.

Read the original Golden Kamuy anime work

You can see the continuation of Golden Kamuy by reading his original material, novels and manga:

Golden Kamuy anime photos

Golden Kamuy anime videos

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