Otokonoko - The culture of dressing as a woman in Japan

Crossdressing in Japan has been very common since the past. Kabuki theaters. In this article, we are going to talk a little bit about this culture of wearing clothes of the opposite sex, where in Japan it got the name of Otokonoko.

Crossdressing for those who do not know it is the practice of wearing clothes and accessories that do not match the person’s gender identity. 

The word otokonoko [男の娘] comes from a pun on the word honest otokonoko [男の子] which means boy. The difference is in the last ideogram which actually means daughter [娘]. I mean it’s a boy but it’s actually a girl.

Otokonoko - the culture of dressing women

When a girl dresses up as a boy the pun is pronounced otokonomusume [男の娘]. The ideograms remain the same, only the pronunciation of the last ideogram goes to its main reading.

How did Otokonoko come about?

The pun appeared in manga and otaku culture, which gave rise to maid cafes, clothing stores and popular media. This slang is often used to refer to a boy who looks like a girl, or dresses up as such.

This does not necessarily mean a sex change or homosexuality, some do it just for hobby, or fun. The Japanese do not consider dressing as the opposite sex a sign of homosexuality.

Otokonoko - the culture of dressing women

It is increasingly common for famous young people to take pictures dressed as girls and post on social networks at least once. These young people proudly identify themselves as a heterosexual man, and are not ashamed of making public appearances at events.

It is very common to see anime characters who dress up as the opposite sex. Some call it a trap because they fool fans and sometimes even make them fall in love. Many end up using anime traps as their own. waifus.

What do people think about otokonoko?

This can cause a lot of controversy in foreign countries, but we know that in Japan, there is a great freedom in the way of dressing. Despite some questions, it is up to everyone to judge this hobby.

Otokonoko - the culture of women’s clothing in japan

This is just one of the thousands of unusual things that happens in Japan. So, you must be careful not to confuse them with the beauty of these men, because it is kind of difficult to know the difference.

I’m going to leave a video showing a bit of this situation, and notice how easy it is to get confused. We recommend that you also read our article on best anime trap characters.

The video below shows a cafe in Akihabara called NewType where boys dress up as maid maids. Probably some foreigner must have visited this place thinking that they were being attended by beautiful girls.

This coca is fanta!

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