End of youtube? Sensationalist content? Adsense earnings dropping?

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Today I would like to address a different subject related to YouTube and Google Adsense. Some big channels like Felipe Neto and the famous Pewdiepie made videos addressing the change in how YouTube and its monetization system (Adsense) works. It is not the first time that something like this has happened!

On April 6th, youtube changed the way it works with monetization. He changed the minimum requirement to 10,000 views to prevent copycat, extremist or offensive content from receiving advertising. Some channels are complaining that YouTube is also profiting from videos that use inappropriate language such as profanity and sexual slang. Felipe Neto stated that his profit dropped 90% after this change in Google.

The same thing happened in 2011

I like to compare what is happening now with something that affected the internet in 2011. In 2009 blogs started to become popular, the internet was infested with them. Many created shitty content just focusing on generating keywords and appearing on the first page of Google to generate profit from adsense. At that time, when you searched for something on Google you never found satisfactory answers.

In 2011 Google launched a new algorithm called Google Panda to manage site results in searches. This affected 90% of the sites without quality, they dropped in ranking and only stayed at the top that made quality content, thus decreeing the end of several blogs. For this reason we found several abandoned blogs that have not been updated since 2011, all because their income disappeared because they did not adapt to the new Google rules.

Unfortunately, the same thing has happened in recent years. Although the quality and ease of finding relevant things on Google have increased, the sites continue to generate stories with sensational titles and irrelevant content. I myself have been noticing several name sites posting lies, some simply copy articles from other sites, mainly foreigners.

Not that copying from foreign sites is a problem, but they copy without any changes and end up copying things that are not true, especially in the world of Games and politics. The worst is that people end up believing and sharing in the heat of the moment, since the information is easy to go viral.

End of youtube? Sensationalist content? Adsense earnings dropping?

What can happen to YouTube?

If the profit of most YouTubers decreases 90% like Felipe Neto's, many channels will stop creating content. Content creators are going to have to start reducing the use of profanity in their videos. They will also have to bring in more relevant and quality content to attract advertisers. I think this is a good thing, YouTube is infested with viral content with no quality. There are many small, quality channels that are overshadowed by large or poor quality channels.

Not that big channels, or channels that use profanity to attract audiences, are bad. They have a large target audience and need to work on them. However, in a way this will end up filtering and avoiding those people who go to youtube just thinking about profiting from viral content. YouTube is full of 10 hour videos of repeating a song, full of repeating third party videos and various other irrelevant things that would not be missed in the slightest on youtube. These requirements and rules that youtube put in their ads will help this end up like it did in 2011.

End of youtube? Sensationalist content? Adsense earnings dropping?

How will YouTubers and websites profit?

Taking care of a channel is much more work than taking care of a website, especially when editing videos. YouTubers need an income, but how do you get it without Adsense? Currently it is possible to get sponsorships outside of YouTube, the super chat system on live has also paid off well for YouTubers, but in my opinion the most profitable way to work on the internet today is by selling physical or digital products.

YouTubers already have a facility to appear in videos and communicate with the public. They can profit much more through sales than by doing Adsense ads. It doesn’t matter if the person’s channel has 10,000 subscribers or 100,000 subscribers, or if the site receives 50,000 or 1,000,000 monthly visits, if the person knows how to work he can make more profit than those sites and large channels. I know people who have a small audience of less than 100,000 people who reach the millions.

If you are a YouTuber or a website owner, focus on generating quality content! Forget sites that pay for ad views and clicks. If you are interested in working like me or creating your own form of income without depending on third parties. Contact us or enter your email below to receive tips and information about online businesses and projects.


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