April Fools in Japan - 1st April Fools

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Did you know that Japan also celebrates April 1st? This special day is the famous April Fool's Day. In Japan this day is called 4月馬鹿 (Shigatsu Baka) or English エイプリルフール (Eipuriru Fuuru - April Fool). There is not much to say about this date, just that it is the day where you find the most false news and information mainly on the internet. In this article, we will show Japan's biggest April lies.

Research conducted in Japan indicates that less than 20% of the population has ever participated in a joke of the kind or ended up falling for an April lie. The number may be lower, as surveys are not usually conducted across Japan.

The cover image of the article showed an Audi car where it is possible to cook and have meals, unfortunately this is a big lie, but a great idea that could be applied in the future.


April Fools Lies in Japan

Astro Boy. - In 2003, the Tokyo Newspaper reported that the Japanese government planned to send robots based on the Astro Boy to help rebuild Iraq after the war.

Oil found in Japan. - In 2003, the Tokyo Newspaper reported the discovery of 110 billion barrels of oil in the Gulf of Tokyo. Did anyone forget that it was April 1st and invested shares?

Lottery tickets instead of pension payments. - Again the Jornal de Tokyo said in 2004 that the government was considering including lottery tickets instead of pension payments to make cuts and balance the economy.

Canned pizza. - In 2013 Domino's Pizza from Japan announced a canned pizza.


Primeiro de abril

Giant Penguin. - In 2014, the Ueno Zoo announced the discovery of a giant penguin 165cm tall and 80kg. The penguin was introduced to the public (a guy in a costume.)

Coca business cards. - In 2015, Japan's coca cola was forcing its employees to carry bales of coca cola and hand over people like business cards.


Airbag for Smartphones. - The Volvo company in Japan was concerned with cell phone users and created an AirBag for Smartphone users. Only this airbag is for people and not for the smartphone.

Ultraman Figure. - In 2015 it was announced that Bandai was selling a Action Figure 40 meters high from Ultraman. Its value was 78 million yen and delivery was free.

There are many more lies from Japan's famous April, but I hope these are enough for you! If you know others, you can leave your comments, and don't forget to share with friends.