Media Entertainment - Dark Side of Japan


Entertainment sometimes turns into slavery. You have probably heard of the unwritten rules for all Japanese models. If you date, you will be publicly humiliated. If you get older, you will fall by the wayside. Kill yourself and work for these corporations that treat you like a machine and not like people.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Japanese entertainment world is full of dark things. Since involvement with Yakuza even sexual harassment, Japan's media entertainment is a true Pandora's Box.

Check out what happens in the Japanese entertainment world below:

An image of purity and innocence

It is expected that Idols above all, be more pure than pure and perfect beings, like angels. The image of innocence and ingenuity is very attractive and strong in Japan.

Media entertainment - dark side of japan

Of course, this applies to all Idols, but it mainly applies to female Idols. Idols have to give the impression that they are romantically detached and sexually inexperienced.

There are several examples of Idols having secret relationships. If the media finds out about this news, her career will be over. This can be extremely stressful for Idols in their early twenties, for example, who are at the age when romantic relationships are normal and healthy. Rejecting any kind of sexual and romantic life is a great sacrifice.

Sexual harassment and exploitation in entertainment

There are many reports of Idols being sexually harassed by their employers and industry managers. Most are men.

Media entertainment - dark side of japan

Seen this way, Japan still has a long way to go in terms of preventing sexism and sexual harassment. This is reflected in the fact that, despite numerous reports of abuse and harassment, basically no action is taken.

Exploration is also another negative aspect that comes with Idol's work. Many do not earn much more than the minimum wage, while the men behind the curtains make a fortune.

Not only are idols highly exploited financially, but they often work long hours and are displayed and made objective.

Having to deal with fanatical and obsessive fans

Media entertainment - dark side of japan

At these box office events, there are reports of male fans acting improperly with the Idols. However, this is seen as only part of the job.

In 2014, two members of the AKB48 and a team member were violently attacked by a man with a saw.

In addition, the limbs still have scars. Eventually, this attack security was increased in these types of events. However, this is just an extreme example. There are crazy people everywhere.

Entrepreneur agencies in Japan

Unlike, say, the United States, where the stars hire agents to represent them, Japanese artists are hired by a secret network of agencies and receive salaried remuneration. Profitable fees and advertising contracts usually go straight to the agency.

Media entertainment - dark side of japan

In turn, the agency spoils and protects the stars, arranges suitable accommodation and ostensibly guides your career towards success.

As such, the agencies have absolute control over the stars' private lives and public image. This is to the extent that many artists are unable to marry.

In short, the Japanese entertainment industry, unlike the media, is a sad and stressful world.

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