Missing Japan? – See what we miss

Many Brazilians or foreigners have already lived in Japan but had to return to Brazil or their country of origin, for various reasons. And that can impact a great nostalgia for some things that is only possible in Japan.

In this article we will address what those who go from Japan to Brazil miss the most about Japan. Things that usually only exist in that country where they spent most of their lives.

Missing the Locals of Japan

Cities and Neighborhoods – There are thousands of places we can miss like: Tokyo, Kyoto, Akihabara, Osaka, Shibuya, Shinjuko, Hokkaido and Okinawa

Hot tub - Almost every apartment and house in Japan has a bathtub, is there anything better than that?

Weather Climate - Sometimes the person got quite used to the cold and snow in Japan, and returning to the hot and dry climate of Brazil, you may miss the cold and snow;

japanese toilets extravagant, modern and smart almost everywhere, including the public;

Attendance And first-class reception, in all service sectors in the country, regardless of location and audience;

train stations – Speed and comfort, and access to the entire country with train lines;

  • Standardized sidewalks and asphalt without potholes in the streets;
  • Wet towels in restaurants and cafes to clean hands;
  • Pay for material purchased at the door, when sent by mail

Missing Japanese Food

Vending machine – The vending machines that sell everything, and are located even in deserted places are sorely missed;

food – There are countless different varieties of food, sweets and snacks. It's impossible not to miss something;

Convenience stores - Who is not going to miss the efficient 24-hour convenience stores where it was possible to buy everything;

Onigiri - Delicious and cheap simple food;

Longing for life in Japan

Safety – One of the main factors of those who return to Brazil is the lack of security, that peace of going out without any worries on the street is over. Walk around at any time, with money and cell phones in your pocket, without the danger of being robbed or shot;

decent salary - Despite the high cost of living, who doesn't miss earning 7,000 BRL instead of 900. Japanese minimum wage ranges from 200,000 to 400,000 yen. In addition to being able to buy electronics at a low cost;

Silence – Who doesn't miss that peace, where they can sleep during the day without hearing noises from sounds, cars, etc.;

Education - You will feel a lot! many! many! lack of it;

Japanese language - Sometimes you get used to the words: gomen, yoroshiku, daijoubu, Otsukaresama, arigatou, hai, that you end up saying by accident, or missing it;

Take off the shoes – Possibly those who spent many years in Japan miss it;

Have more job opportunities.

There are thousands of things I can name. I couldn't even describe 10% of the possible nostalgia for Japan. Leave a comment on what you missed the most or think you will miss the most when you leave Japan.

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