Customs and rules on public transport in Japan

The main public transport in Japan is the train, secondly we have the buses. As expected the Japanese have customs and rules to follow in these places, in this article we will see curiosities regarding these customs and rules.

Not public speaking on the phone

There are several posters and notices forbidden to talk on the phone inside the train, the main reason is not to disturb others. This is quite ironic, because I see a group of schoolgirls talking loudly (screaming) inside the trains. It is not a rule that everyone would obey, but the majority obeys not only for the public disturbance, but by privacy and tag.

If it's not okay to talk on the phone inside the train, it means that it's also not okay to talk loudly with people inside the train, it will be bothering you in the same way. Remember to always leave your phone on silent, it's okay to watch or listen to music as long as you use a headset. The Japanese avoid doing things like sitting on the floor, spreading out bags, putting on makeup, sitting with legs spread or crossed, and anything else that might upset others.

Do not give way to the elderly or needy

You might be impressed by the politeness of the Japanese, but when riding on public transport it is not difficult to see the young people sitting in the seats, while there are some elderly people standing. This is because the elderly feel uncomfortable when offering a seat. It makes them feel old and most tend to refuse.

Customs and rules on public transport in japan

Another factor that ends up making this happen is that the Japanese themselves are ashamed to offer the seat, precisely because of this thought of calling the person old. Some covertly usually leave the place and go to another train car or to the transport exit. The fact is that there are priority seats, so avoid sitting in them.

Do not touch objects on the floor

Everyone knows the honesty of the Japanese, I witnessed several times objects lost inside the train but no one took it. That's because they leave it to those responsible for the trains to collect and take them to the lost and found at the stations. You can take the item straight to the lost and found, but most avoid doing so. Many are ashamed or imagine that others may think she is stealing the object.

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Sleep on public transport

A very common practice within trains and public transport is the Inemuri (居眠り) where the Japanese simply sleep sitting up or even standing up. It is very common to find people sleeping inside the trains, the amazing thing is that they manage to wake up at the right station.

Customs and rules on public transport in japan

Pushing on the trains

When transport is full, it is common for people to push each other to pass, get off, and get on a train. Some stations even hire employees to push people inside the trains to fit them all. Unfortunately, some perverts take advantage of these occasions to get their hands on where they shouldn't. When getting on a train you must wait for other people to get out to avoid bumping into each other.

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