The popularity of Free Fire in the world and in Japan


Garena Free Fire as Fortnite and PUBG became popular in the world as one of the 3 pillars of Battle Royale. In this article, we will see how the famous mobile game Free Fire became popular in the world, and also Japan, the focus of our website.

Free Fire is a third-person game where 50 players fall on an island in order to obtain weapons and resources and eliminate other players. How did Free Fire become the most popular mobile game of all time in such a short time?

How did Free Fire come about?

The Free Fire game is developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. The game released its first beta version in November 2017 and was officially released for Android and iOS on December 4, 2017.

Free Fire is a game clearly inspired by PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) in order to become more accessible and optimized on mobile devices. A lighter game, taking up less space and requiring less of the device.


Garena Free Fire became a success hitting the mark of 7.5 million players until October 2018. Being the most downloaded game on Android and iOS devices, surpassing even the Clash Royale phenomena.

The game won approximately 182 million downloads in 2018. He raised about $ 19 million in monthly revenue through December 2018 with the numbers rising steadily. He also won in the “Best Game” category.

The popularity of free fire in the world and in Japan

Free Fire x Fortnite x PUBG

Free Fire reached an audience that is totally unaware of the existence of Fortnite. Although Fortnite is one of the most popular computer and console games, the majority of the population has only one cell phone available.

Free Fire being a much lighter game, running on most devices, reaches a mass of players much larger than fortnite. Not to mention that Free Fire has the advantage of not having a build mode that bothers some players.

PUBG, on the other hand, despite having a mobile version, is still far from reaching Free Fire, exactly because it is heavier than itself. Fortnite also has a mobile version, but only available for some Android devices and iOS.


Although Free Fire is shamelessly a copy of the PUBG game, which started the Battle Royale games. Free Fire is light years ahead by receiving a special dedication and treating players in the best way, with updates and news.

Fortnite is another game that passed in front of PUBG and even Free Fire in many aspects for dedicating itself to constant updates and news. Without a doubt in my opinion Fortnite is the best game with support and dedication to players.

The popularity of free fire in the world and in Japan

The Popularity of Free Fire in Brazil

In early 2018 the popularity of the game was already quite visible. Wherever I went, I found children playing such a game. If I had my phone in my hand, people would ask if I was playing Free Fire.

Free Fire is more popular than itself candy Crush which has a more adult and casual audience. The game also consolidated several youtube channels and along with fortnite was a well commented theme coming close to Minecraft.

My cousin stayed at my house for a few months and he just spent the whole day playing Free Fire. The game is really very addictive and can harm people if they have no control. A super popular game among children.

I know a Brazilian community of FreeFire call of TodoFreeFire where you can find tips, codes, tutorials, guides and all kinds of information related to the freefire game so popular on Android and iOS devices.


There are actually thousands of communities on the subject. These days a friend showed me how profitable Free Fire can be just with videos on Facebook and Youtube, I simply took aback from so many views of gameplay.

The popularity of free fire in the world and in Japan

The Popularity of Free Fire in Japan

Japanese people have a strange taste for games, so much so that Western games are not so successful in Japan. Still, Free Fire and Fortnite are phenomena that have managed to reach a good Japanese audience.

In Japanese the game is called Furii Faiyaa [フリー・ファイヤー]. Unfortunately when searching I couldn't find much information about the game, not even a Japanese Wikipedia page I found.

Perhaps its popularity is not as strong as some think. Most young people in Japan end up dedicating themselves more to their Japanese RPGs. Although I see a lot of Japanese playing fortnite, I even talked to some of them.

The Battle Royale Genre is still a hit among Japanese audiences, with several anime and games that address this theme. There is even a manga bearing the name Battle Royale, which probably helped popularize the term. Anime such as Btoom, Mirai Nikki and Danganronpa are some of the genre that stands out in the country.

The popularity of free fire in the world and in Japan

Free Fire weapons in Japanese

Maybe you decide to play Free Fire in Japanese. Although I couldn't find much information, perhaps the list of vocabularies below can help you decipher some words in the game:

Assault RifleアサルトライフルAsarutoraifuru
Gust Assault RifleバーストアサルトライフルBāsutoasarutoraifuru
Shotgun ポンプショットガンPonpushottogan
Tactical Shotgun タクティカルショットガンTakutikarushottogan
SMG - Machine gun サブマシンガンSabumashingan
Rocket launcher ロケットランチャーRokettoranchā
Revolver with Miraスコープ付きリボルバーSukōpu-tsuki riborubā
Loose cannon ミニガンminigan

My Personal Opinion about Free Fire

To be honest, I never played Free Fire and I don't even care. I am writing this article just to meet the demand. I don't really like this style of play, mainly because I'm not used to playing on mobile.

As I played fortnite on the Nintendo Switch, I can say that the style of the game is really addictive and charismatic. Free Fire is super affordable and does not require you to make gigantic and bizarre buildings in the middle of the battle, which wins my positive point.

Despite being a great game, I am a little worried about the children who play. As much as some deny that games can influence people, I strongly claim, games have influenced and shaped the person I am today.

I played a lot of Fortnite and Overwatch and I didn't let those games influence me. Everything will depend on how the person will view the game, but either way, be careful not to let the game dominate you!

This is a very delicate subject, but the addiction and the content we consume can clearly harm certain people. So it is good for parents to always observe their children's behavior. I am disappointed with this generation of young people.

In fact, the children's attitude and reaction to these comments of mine will only affirm what I am saying. I hope you enjoyed this article, if you did, share it and leave your comments.