8 Japanese Beauty Tips

Japanese women have a beauty and vitality to envy, don't they? But for many years, her beauty secrets were kept under lock and key, until they were finally revealed to the world. And it is with pleasure that we bring you some Japanese beauty tips, to always be beautiful and radiant from head to toe.

How do Japanese women always look beautiful?

Japanese women, in addition to starting to take care of their skin and hair, from a very early age (unlike Western women), they still maintain a regular skin and hair care routine, which makes all the difference. It is only now, after centuries, that we see a greater spread of good skin care practices, such as the skin care routine for example. But today we are here, to reveal all the female beauty tips of the Japanese.

1- Camellia oil:

Floral oils are being gradually included in the care routine of Brazilian women. In Japan, camellia oil has been used for a long time, and is one of the biggest beauty secrets of Japanese women. It is able to fight the effects of aging, and balance the skin's moisture.

2- Head massage:

It's no secret that our body needs a good massage every now and then. However, our head is quite neglected when it comes to massage. For know that Japanese women usually massage the head, and especially the scalp, to stimulate blood circulation in this region.

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3-Wash your face correctly:

Washing your face may seem like a simple process, but women from the land of the rising sun often take it quite seriously. In addition to doing massages with their fingertips, they never sleep with their makeup on, in addition to applying face lotions and moisturizing creams, every day when they wake up, and also before bed.

4-Use plenty of sunscreen:

Another thing that Japanese women take very seriously is protecting their skin from the sun's rays. Unlike the sun in Brazil, in Japanese lands, the sun's rays usually cause severe burns, especially during the summer. Therefore, Japanese women usually use sunscreen, even on cloudy days.

5-Drink green tea:

Green tea is one of the main elements of Japanese cuisine, and nothing better than this being one of the biggest beauty secrets of Japanese women. In addition to being a great weight reducer, green tea is still a great antioxidant.

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6-Eat a lot of fish:

Another of the great elements of Japanese cuisine is fish. Saltwater fish are great sources of Omega 3, which is one of the main elements for a healthy life and a beautiful body.

7-Meditation and self-care:

In the East, the practice of meditation is one of the great secrets to longevity and a fuller life. In our busy daily lives, it is very common that we do not even stop to observe the world around us, and also to take care of ourselves. So stop for a while, breathe and relax from time to time, as stress is harmful not only to health, but to the soul as well.


Self-esteem is one of the main elements for a fuller life, and even for a healthier body. You don't need to always be radiant to feel good about yourself, try to look inside yourself, and notice all the qualities that exist inside, because only then will you start to take better care of yourself.

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