Real to Yen – How Much Does it Cost and Where to Change?

Ever wondered how to convert the Real to Yen? Or the Euro to Yen? Or maybe the Dollar to Yen? No matter the currency of your country, in this article we will talk a little about the yen conversion, its exchange and value.

Some people are in doubt, where is it better to change the yen? In the country itself? In Japan? Others ask, is it worthwhile to use a currency exchange or is it better to use other means online?

Online Yen Converter

Let's start by talking about values! Ever wondered how much a Yen costs? THE Japanese currency is not fractional, so I personally like to say that 100 yen equals 1 dollar despite the differences.

100 yen equals approximately the dollar not only in direct conversion but in purchasing power. 100 yen is literally a coin, not like 100 dollars. That's because as I mentioned, there is no penny in Japanese!

With 100 yen or 1 dollar you can buy one drink in the vending machine. For 300 yen you can buy a small snack at some outlets.

Now how much is the yen worth in your native currency? You can use the converter below to convert any currency to yen and any value:

Сurrency convert by
Real for Yen - how much does it cost and where to change it?

Changing Money for Yen at ATM ATMs

The simplest and easiest way to exchange your currency into yen is by using international credit and debit cards using ATM machines found in places like Seven Eleven.

At least in my country (Brazil), using exchange offices can end up being much more expensive than withdrawing directly with a card. Conversion rates are fixed and you only pay your bank's transaction tax.

Another advantage of using your cards and ATM instead of exchange offices is the ease, versatility of simply going to a convenience store without facing lines and registrations as if you were withdrawing money in your own country.

Another big advantage is that Japan ATM machines are available in multiple languages, so even if you don't know Japanese you'll be able to make your withdrawals without a problem.

Is it worth converting yen in your country?

Many people believe that the easiest way is to buy yen in their home country. At least in Brazil, the country from which I write this article, the conversion rates and taxes do not present advantages.

Currency exchange bureaus generally charge a higher amount for conversion in addition to country taxes and transaction fees. I recommend using this method only if your country has low rates or you need to arrive in Japan with some cash on hand.

It is worth remembering that there is also a certain cash limit that you can have when leaving and entering a country through customs. Check the limits present in your country before traveling with cash in hand.

Where can I exchange Real for Yen on the Internet?

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to exchange your money for Yen using the internet or vice versa is using the wise platform the famous and ancient TransferWise.

This company is known worldwide for offering the cheapest and fastest way to send money abroad. You can use this medium to send money to people in Japan or otherwise.

There are other methods to convert currencies online, many platforms are able to receive amounts in certain currency and convert to your native currency.

Usually digital banks like Paypal or Payonner or maybe using an international card to buy balance in Japanese banks and platforms like Linepay.

Exchange agencies in Japan and Tokyo

Below we will list the main Tokyo exchange houses and their advantages. Some are large companies present not only in Tokyo but also in other cities across the country.

In Tokyo's main tourist sites and busiest neighborhoods, there are a wide variety of exchange offices where you can get Japanese currency in exchange for your local money.

We always recommend using the Google Maps to find exchange houses or anything else you are looking for in Japan. You have no idea how this makes our lives easier.

We also recommend before going to the exchange house to take a look at their official website and their rates and services. You can find the site in the location description on Google Maps.

Ninja Money Exchange

The promise of this company is to change currencies quickly, taking only a few minutes to do all the paperwork. The company promises to convert most of the world's currencies to Yen.

The branch is located near Akihabara station in Tokyo, its location is great and there is generally no queues. It might be the best option to exchange your money into Yen or vice versa.

Sakura Currency

This exchange house has several branches spread across Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka, considered the number 1 in the country by the Japanese. Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, Ueno and Asakusa are some of the neighborhoods where you can find Sakura Currency.

World Currency Shop

This exchange house is present in many cities in Japan, in Tokyo alone there are more than 30 branches. If you are looking for a currency exchange in some other city outside Tokyo, this is the right choice.

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