14 Popular Dating Apps in Japan

As you already know, the Japanese have a huge difficulty in relating to each other, especially when it comes to dating. So here are some long-distance dating apps that have greatly benefited the Japanese in this regard. So let's go to the top!!


This Relationship app is then the most accessed and known by the Japanese. And to get the OMIAI and use it, you must have an account on Facebook

In its description it is like being an app for relationship/marriage, that is, for those who have not yet found their partner, he can meet more people and can, through him, have a serious relationship.

To find a date, this application contains 24 filters available for the user to make the selection. Thus, it is possible for the user to select both by nationality, even by income!

So, those who have skills with Japanese, are in the country and are looking for a serious relationship, this application can be an option.

- popular dating apps in japan


Taplle is a Relationship app very well used by the Japanese. In it, users must fill in what they are looking for, that is, what qualifications they expect in the person they are interested in dating.

This app, although it is a very used app in Japan, its biggest audience is in the 20-year-old range. Perfect for those looking dating a japanese

In this application like the others, there are people who just want a date to enjoy, so there are many reports that when going to meetings in person they end up not going.

Tapple - Japanese dating app


This application is very famous all over the world, in several countries it is used for those people looking for a relationship, and just like in other countries they are also very well known in Japan.

And in addition to this application allowing you to Know people from your country, the user with its paid version of the application allows him to Know someone even if it is even on the other side of the planet. So if you're looking for a long-distance romance or have any plans to move to Japan soon, Tinder can be of help.

- popular dating apps in japan

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Just like the app OMIAI o ZEXY KOIMUSUBI to have access to it, and use it the way you want, it is necessary to have an account FACEBOOK and thus find that ideal partner and close to you.

One of its very interesting main features is that this app was created by a wedding company. However, the application is not intended to make people get married, but with the objective of getting to know each other.

Interestingly, despite the ZEXY KOIMUSUBI not be geared towards marriage, it is an application well known for its success in dating and later marriages.

14 popular dating apps in Japan


This app is not here for its success, but for how it works. Over time, this app was unfortunately discontinued. However, what catches your attention the most is its operation.

This app was only available in Japanese language. And at a specific time daily at 8 am he would send a message (alarm) to the user warning about someone they recommended.

Also, as was done in other applications, the MATCHALARM your information was also collected from the Facebook application to try to find people closer to you and your tastes in relation to women and men.

And after the alarm was sounded, the ringer had to be answered within 16 hours. If that person did not respond, he disregarded the person who recommended him.

- popular dating apps in japan
popular dating apps in Japan


The PAIRS It is known for being a very secure application, the application also uses Facebook as a source to set up the profile of the following user. The application has become a very popular choice among those looking for long-term commitments. And the vast majority of people on this app seem real and sincere, showing a search for a serious relationship and love.

The "design" and aesthetics of the app mainly appeal to women looking to date. “online” something that is not so common among Japanese apps.

As is done on Taplle, their service is completely free for those female members. Those male members can create their profile for free, but they must submit a monthly fee to message the girls of their interest. This app is fully official in the Japanese language.

14 popular dating apps in Japan


Also a dating app like the other apps before. However, this application has its difference, it has three options such as wanting just a relationship, just friendship for those who like to meet new people and the option to choose both modes.

Also in this application, you can get in touch with different people around the world, thus translating what the person says on the other side. 

- popular dating apps in japan


This application is very different from the others, because with the CROSSME you can find people using the same app near you, by you cross paths with someone that contains the application it will let you know that you have met or passed near a user or that person that you or she is interested. Showing her profile and her distance in meters from her to you.

This application is also highly recommended if you are looking to get a relationship with a Japanese man or woman.

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9 - Dine

Dine is a dating app that focuses on opportunities for new social and culinary experiences, rather than love at first sight. This app introduces high-quality matches every day.

Users simply invite other people to eat, and if they accept, they can skip the small talk and go straight to the date at a chosen restaurant.

Dine has fewer users than Tinder and Tapple, but it offers a unique concept, making it easier to choose a restaurant for the date.​.

14 popular dating apps in Japan

10 - OkCupid Japan

OkCupid is often referred to as "the best dating site in the world." The Japanese version of OkCupid is much more detailed than other apps like Bumble or Tinder, requiring an average of about 45 minutes to fill out a profile.

Although you can leave most of your profile blank, more complete profiles tend to receive more attention. OkCupid is known for attracting a significant number of users interested in casual dating, but it's also used for more serious relationships.​.

11 - YYC

YYC is the largest dating service in Japan, active for 20 years. Upon signing up, users automatically receive 300 points that they can use to meet and match with others based on search parameters. The majority of users of this service are young professionals.

YYC combines the blog section of LiveJournal with the lifestyle of Instagram influencers. It is a website more suitable for those interested in casual encounters, and it has a 24-hour security monitoring system.​.

12 - JapanCupid

JapanCupid is an online dating site that is part of the Cupid Media Group. This service has a strong presence in Japan and is ideal for both locals and foreigners.

The website and app have sections dedicated to both Western and Japanese singles, making it a great option for those looking for an international date. JapanCupid offers the choice between thousands of local Japanese and Western singles, and is available in Japanese and English.

This bilingual aspect facilitates communication between users from different backgrounds, increasing its popularity among a diverse user base.​.

Happy Mail

Happy Mail started in 2001 and, thanks to consistent efforts over the years, has become one of the most popular dating/matching apps in Japan.

With over 25 million users, Happy Mail serves a wide range of needs, from people looking for pen pals to partners for serious relationships.

This app is comparable to Pairs in terms of features, but it stands out for the immediacy in the matches, something similar to Tinder. It is predominantly in Japanese, and registration is free for women, while men use a points system or pay per use.

14 - Hatch

Hatch is a dating app that resembles Bumble in its approach, as only women have the right to start conversations in heterosexual matches. In same-sex matches, both parties can send the first message.

The messages also expire after 24 hours. Hatch is available only as an iOS app and is location-based, making it ideal for meeting people in your city. This app is female-friendly and offers a "highlight colors" system that can match people with similar interests.

Hatch also allows filtering potential matches based on language, making it accessible and functional for a diverse user base, including English and Japanese speakers.​.

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