10 secrets to having straight hair like the Japanese

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The long extensions, and the silkiness of the hair of Japanese women, are one of the great goals of thousands and thousands of women around the world. However, achieving a long head of hair, like theirs, is not an easy task. But luckily, there are some secrets to having straight hair like a Japanese girl, as well as to achieve the long dream. 

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What are the secrets to having straight hair like the Japanese?

The Japanese, follow an old technique, called capillary layering, which is nothing more than the overlapping of layers, some actives and products for hair care. To do it at home, just follow our step-by-step instructions.

1st step: 

The first thing to do is to apply a good vegetable oil to the hair still unwashed, massaging the strands well, placing a thermal cap over the hair. After 15 minutes, just massage the strands and scalp again, so that the oil can penetrate more deeply.

2nd step: 

The second step is to apply a few drops of your most commonly used shampoo (always the right one for your hair type). Then just use the conditioner, but only on the ends, untangling the hair with your fingertips. Do this process without using hot water as it can damage the hair fiber. 

3rd step: 

Now, just remove excess moisture and conditioner, passing a cotton towel lightly over the wires, without twisting them. Then comb your hair with a large wooden comb. The wooden comb is one of the biggest secrets to having straight hair like the Japanese ones, as unlike the common practical combs, it doesn't cause as much damage to the scalp and strands, due to its friction without a little less.

4th step: 

As our last step, you will finish your hair your way, but using a little natural oil, before applying any type of fixative or styling cream. By taking good care of your hair like this, you can avoid the famous scab hair.

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Other secrets for having straight hair like the Japanese:

Use tea to rinse hair:

That's right, tea in addition to being a great choice for everyday life, can also produce several benefits in your hair. To do this, just make one or two cups of green tea or black tea, and use them on your hair at bath time. 

Apple vinegar in hair:

Another culinary product, used in the hair of Japanese women, is apple cider vinegar. They usually put a few scoops of this product into the shampoo, and this makes their hair look so smooth, silky and long. 

Silk pillowcases at bedtime:

That's right, even at bedtime, Japanese women tend to take extreme care in terms of hair care. Our wires are usually in direct contact with the pillow while we sleep, and this friction is harmful for it, as it can cause frizz, and in the worst case, even the fall of some wires. 

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